Presidential advisor paid salary by Bobokov brothers, took BGN 60,000 a year

Plamen Uzunov

The presidential advisor Plamen Uzunov used to earn salary from the scandalous Bobokov brothers. He would get BGN 60,000 a year from them. This was revealed by new evidence published by the Prosecutor’s Office.

On 5 June 2019, Prezident-Pl. Uzunov used a mobile application to send P.B. a file with the name Pismo_za_mandat. The document contained six pages and constituted a letter of mandate to perform consultancy services on the Study and Analysis of External and Internal Risks and Threats to the Corporate Security of Prista Oil Holding project. Consultant on the project was the company Enterprise Security Services with managing director Angel Uzunov. The letter specified that the price of the service had been set by taking into account the amount of time needed to perform the task and the nature of the service provided by a team of experts from various fields. The price was BGN 5,000 a month, to be paid over the course of one year, starting from 1 June 2019.

In response to the abovementioned file sent by Prezident-Pl. Uzunov, P.B. provided a personal e-mail address.

The analysis of the correspondence between P.B. and Prezident-Pl. Uzunov shows that on multiple occasions the two exchanged information about issues relating to the foreign policy of Bulgaria, including nominations for Bulgarian ambassadors to countries outside the European Union.

Their communication of 3 August 2018 shows that a meeting between P.B. and Prezident-Pl. Uzunov was arranged at a Sofia hotel. A day later P.B. sent Prezident-Pl. Uzunov a message with the following content: “Rumen Petrov – Algeria”.

Rumen Petrov was appointed as Bulgaria’s ambassador extraordinary and plenipotentiary to Algeria with Ordinance №4 issued by the president on 16 January 2020.

On 19 June 2019, P.B. sent Prezident-Pl. Uzunov a file with the name CV BG_Joro_Iliev_Kiradjiev, specifying that that was “my proposal for Abuja (Nigeria)!”

The Specialised Prosecutor’s Office will request that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Presidency provide it with official information concerning the abovementioned revelations.

The analysis of the over 200 GB worth of information laid out in the computer and technological experts’ report and the addenda to it continues.   

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