President Radev refutes himself

President Rumen Radev sent a letter to the editorial offices of Telegraph and Monitor outlets, in which he threatened our team and media a lawsuit and demanded the right of reply. The reason for the letter is the article "Vasil Bozhkov confesses for the contract killings and threats to Peevski", in which we once again showed the behind-the-scenes correlation between the statements and interests of the gambling fugitive boss with 19 felony charges and the actions of the head of state.

The specific article clearly shows the connection between a new threat, moreover being a public one, by Bozhkov, of taking the law into his own hands against the MP and publisher of Telegraph and Monitor outlets Delyan Peevski and Radev’s decision, who has been repeating for weeks the theses namely of the indicted  gambling boss, to demand the removal of the National Service for Protection guard for the lawmaker. The president actually took off his guise himself through his nervous reaction especially to this publication, refuting himself as a guilty mind.

Although there is not a single fact in his so-called right of reply, which can refute what we have published, and the allegations of "lies" and "slanders" remain hanging in the air without being backed up by any evidence, we publish it in its entirety.

Because we respect the ethical principles of journalism, which we have always professed and observed.

And out of respect for our readers, whose interests are the only ones that dictate our editorial policy, although it becomes clear from the letter that Mr Rumen Radev obviously does not like this fact.

And out of respect for the Presidency as an institution. Because the people who hold the post of head of the state can be replaced, but it remains. Moreover, there is no a strong democracy without strong institutions. However, this does not mean that we will remain silent when the current president smears its reputation with his behaviour and tramples on democratic principles, thus insulting both the institution and the society. The same society he owes answers to an avalanche of questions but he remains silent. Questions that we will persistently continue to ask. Here are some of them:

- Mr President, why did you trample on the Constitution by riding the protests, for which it became clear that they were not spontaneous, but paid by the indicted oligarch Vasil Bozhkov (as his conversations published weeks ago showed) and did you call for "dismantling" of legally elected institutions? How do you imagine this dismantling, Mr Radev? Because in a normal democracy, which shares Euro-Atlantic values, elections are the only way for replacing the legally elected institutions, when the voter decides who will govern them. Dismantling does not exist. Nor is there a head of state who pushes behind-the-scenes interests by the back door of the presidency.

- Why did you turn the Presidency as an institution into a spokesperson for indicted and charged bosses, repeating like a parrot the theses of a man who fled abroad from justice? If you are not really a behind-the-scenes spokesperson, just prove it  by stopping repeating theses that pursue a single goal - chaos in our country and lack of justice. We do not make media campaigns against anyone, including you. When you behaved as a statesman, we always reflected it in our articles. However, the objectivity does not mean a silence, nevertheless how much you want it, and we will continue to sound the alarm whenever a high-ranking public figure violates the laws as well as ethical and moral principles. The fact that you trample them isclaimed not only by us, but also by thousands of citizens in our state.

- Do you think that the three online citizens’ subscriptions seeking impeachment for you on the grounds that you are violating Euro-Atlantic values ​​and the Constitution, signed by over 10,000 people, are a media campaign? The number is significantly more than the protesters, which you used as a pretext to demand dismantling and to serve interests - yours and others’.

- What is your attitude to the former secret agents of the obscurantist State Security and of the communist Intelligence Directorate of the General Staff of the Bulgarian Armed Forces, after the chairperson of your Strategic Policy, Analysis and Forecasts Unit was highlighted with 6 decisions of the Dossier Commission as a State Security agent? Do you think there should be lustration for the officers and the secret agents of the former totalitarian services?

- Is the threat to life and the harassment of hundreds of citizens traveling in the subway by a member of the Strategic Policy, Analysis and Forecasts Unit a civil right according to the President? Because according to the Constitution of the Republic of Bulgaria it is not. And why this same person is still in the president's team?

- Does your behaviour, Mr Radev, have anything to do with the statement of the former Russian Foreign Intelligence Service General Leonid Reshetnikov a few years ago that he approved your candidacy for president? It is the same Leonid Reshetnikov, who has been banned from entering Bulgaria for 10 years as the inspirer of the espionage Plan Bulgaria?

These all are questions that it is high time to be answered, Mr Radev. Without hiding behind your Chief Secretary or his deputy, who has signed your request for a right of reply on behalf of the Presidential Institution? As for the threat to seek legal responsibility, Bulgaria is a democratic state and it is your constitutional right to do so. Under the same Constitution that you trample. We are looking forward to your decision, because in case of a lawsuit you will hardly be able to continue hiding from the answers to all these and other questions, and they will have to be heard in the courtroom for the whole society. From you personally.


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