President Radev presents Ambassador of the Netherlands to Bulgaria with Order

Photo: BTA President Rumen Radev (L) and H.E. Tusscher

President Rumen Radev has presented the Order of the Madara Horseman - First Degree to the Ambassador of the Netherlands to Bulgaria, Bea ten Tusscher. The award recognises H.E. Tusscher's extraordinary contribution to strengthening and deepening the friendly relations and cooperation between Bulgaria and the Netherlands.

President Radev thanked H.E. Tusscher for being involved in and actively working towards deepening trust and friendship between the two countries. He said that, as EU and NATO allies and in the framework of bilateral relations, the two countries are called upon to work together to strengthen those unions in order to ensure a stable, peaceful, united and prosperous Europe. President Radev noted that the Netherlands continues to be a major investor in Bulgaria and that bilateral cooperation in the fields of trade and economy is steadily trending upwards. He highlighted the growing interest in Bulgaria and the fact that an increasing number of Dutch tourists visit the country. “We have over 3,500 Bulgarians studying in the Kingdom of the Netherlands,” the President noted.

“I arrived in Bulgaria at a time when the country had taken over the presidency of the Council of the EU, an extremely successful term,” said Berendina Maria ten Tusscher, underscoring the focus on the Western Balkans. She noted bilateral relations in the fields of politics and culture as well as the growing number of tourists.

“In the four years I spent in Sofia and travelled across Bulgaria, I saw the country change for the better. Naturally, it is a long process and people are always impatient, always want things to happen faster, they do not always listen to friends, but the glass is half full not half empty, do not forget this,” said Berendina Maria ten Tusscher.

The ceremony was attended by Svetlin Stoev, Minister of Foreign Affairs in Bulgaria's interim cabinet, and diplomats from various countries.

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