President gives mandate to TISP, they return it

President Rumen Radev gave a second party, There is Such a People (TISP), mandate to form a cabinet. It was officially received by chess player Antoaneta Stefanova, who several days earlier was tabbed by TISP and its leader Stanislav Trifonov as the party's nominee for premier. Back then, Trifonov said that Stefanova would receive the mandate only to immediately return it because TISP did not intend to try to form a cabinet. The reason - the party lacked sufficient support in the new National Assembly.

The president clarified that he was giving the mandate to TISP as the second-largest party in the parliament.

For her part, Stefanova said that TISP would not create a coalition with any establishment party. “We do not believe in forming unprincipled coalitions,” she said, giving the mandate back to the head of state.

Radev reiterated that in a time of crisis like this Bulgaria needed a regular and effective government, which was why every mandate was viewed with that much more hope. Nonetheless, he said that he understood TISP's motives, as a stable cabinet could not be formed on the basis of unprincipled arrangements and could not be the responsibility of only one party.

The president noted that the Bulgarian public had been waiting for years on the National Assembly to take concrete steps to bring more transparency to the election process. He added that stability of social and economic policies in a time of crisis was just as crucial. On that score, he highlighted as especially important some decisions that parliament needed to make irrespective of the ongoing procedure to set up the executive branch of power.

According to Radev a balance should be struck between the cabinet procedure, parliament's legislative activities, and the key deadlines and challenges facing the country.

He pointed out that a vital proposal had yet to reach the floor of the National Assembly as the outgoing cabinet was yet to introduce a budget review. In doing so, the government was depriving Bulgarian pensioners and businesses of support in the event that the new parliament was dissolved and an interim government was appointed, according to the president.

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