Practice makes perfect the oligarchs' propaganda against Delyan Peevski

For some people, practice makes perfect the knowledge. For oligarch-publishers like Ivo Prokopiev, it makes perfect the propaganda. No, not only because of Goebbels' postulate of how a lie can be turned into truth with a hundred repetitions. Also because of the hope, which is obviously harboured by them, that by reprinting the lies by means of indigo, their manipulations will reach more readers and some of them may trust them.

Unfortunately, the readers, let alone the believers in the case with the Capital circle and its media are becoming less and less. Because of the lobbying texts and because of the fact that Dnevnik, Capital etc. outlets - bolts and cogs of Prokopiev's slander machine no longer even hide that they are not media, but spreaders of lies and slanders in favor of their boss.

Thus, after the oligarchic Capital outlet published on Saturday another eyewash for easy dupes "Peevski invaded in EWRC" (See here), today - four days later, this absurd writing was reprinted by Dnevnik. Without even a single comma added of own contribution, except the spread of the talking points on the principle copy/ paste. Apparently, for the people working in Prokopiev's manipulation machine, it is no longer even important to show journalistic creativity. Boss's priorities are different - to flood his enemies with outright lies. The main one among them, who has always been known is the MP and publisher of Telegraph Media Delyan Peevski. Because of his legislative initiatives, one of which actually introduced full transparency in the ultimate owners and the financing of all media, including online, thus exposing the oligarchy's manipulation machine. Also because of his publications’ policy to bring to light all the shady and tricky affairs of the oligarchs in our country. Prokopiev is also included, whose crimes you can find on the pages of Telegraph Media for a period of last nearly 20 years. You would find among them a series of investigations into the way in which the defendant kaolin and renewable energy sources (RES) king has dug into the energy sector, accumulating tens of millions out of our electricity bills inflated with a "green" supplement. But that doesn't stop him from attributing his own shady deals and crimes to someone else. More specifically - to Delyan Peevski.

What is the truth? Everyone knows it in the energy sector. Lawmaker Delyan Peevski has never owned companies or had any business interests in the energy industry. He is a lawmaker from opposition party and it is more than ridiculous for anyone who knows the mechanisms of the formation and functioning of the state institutions, to say that he can staff anywhere in them. For decades, the energy sector has been literally parceled out and captured by politicians, who are affiliated to former PM Ivan Kostov and his oligarchs for their own benefit. Ivo Prokopiev knows this perfectly (as well as the author of the article in question), because he has been involved in the energy sector for years. Pinning the name of Delyan Peevski to a commission that has long been accused of serving not the public, but the oligarchs like Prokopiev and the gas baron Sasho Donchev, for example, is no more and no less an eyewash for easy dupes. It is pushed by Prokopiev in order to divert public attention from his attempts to control the new composition of the EWRC - either through the chairperson of the commission, or through its member.

Exactly in the same way, during the castling in the Bulgarian Development Bank (BDB), Capital outlet again without any connection to reality, pinned to Peevski one of the current executive directors of BDB - Filip Panayotov. The latter is fully connected to the Capital circle, through whom Prokopiev reached out to BGN 700 million, allocated by the state to help the citizens and companies through the bank, which were hit by the crisis.

It is another issue that human impudence may have no limits, but retribution for the crimes sooner or later knocks on the door. And it is not touched by eyewash for easy dupes, pushed by publications that have not even tried to hide for a long time that they are not media, but distributors of manipulations.

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