Pompeo at MSC: West is winning

The US intends to provide up to $1bn to CEE countries for energy independence

Photo: MSC Mike Pompeo.

I’m happy to report that the death of the transatlantic alliance is grossly exaggerated. The West is winning, and we’re winning together, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said today in a speech at the Munich Security Conference (MSC) that is taking place in Bavaria’s capital city form 14 to 16 February.

He defended the United States’ global role, attacking China and Russia as still “desiring empires” and destabilising the rules-based international system.

“The free West has a far brighter future than illiberal alternatives. Momentum is clearly on our side. We’ve got to do more. Don’t be fooled by those who say otherwise,” he said.

 “We honor the right of every nation to carry on their affairs as they choose, so long as they don’t try to interfere with our sovereignty or do harm to our friends. Respect for sovereignty of nations is a secret of and central to our success.”

Talking on cybersecurity, he mentioned that Huawei and other Chinese state-backed tech companies are Trojan horses for Chinese intelligence. “Russia’s disinformation campaigns try to turn our citizens against one another. Iranian cyberattacks plague Middle East computer networks.”

 He announced that the US intends to provide up to $1bn in financing to Central and Eastern European countries of the Three Seas Initiative, “as a brand new statement of our support for sovereignty, prosperity, and energy independence of our European friends”.  Our aim is quite simple: It is to galvanise private sector investment in the energy sector to protect freedom and democracy around the world, he explained.


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