Polish medics start testing truckers blocked in Dover

The next shift will be made up of physicians from the Polish Army

A team of about 30 medics that the Polish government has sent on Christmas Eve to help with Covid-19 testing of thousands of Polish truck drivers stranded in the British port of Dover has already made 1,260 tests during the night and morning.

For this informed on twitter on Friday Michał Dworczyk, Head of the Prime Minister's Office.  

“Now the British will allow new trucks to arrive in Dover, our medics are returning to Poland, and around 3pm a second shift will come - this time medics from the Polish Army,” Dworczyk tweeted.

The situation with truck carriers has deteriorated sharply after France closed its border on Monday due to the highly contagious new Covid-19 variant detected in the United Kingdom.

After reopening the border, France allowed only truckers with a negative coronavirus test to enter the country. This has created extreme tensions, because the British authorities needed time to organise the testing.

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