Poetry Festival of Hope will last until mid-June

Festival of Hope, organised by European Poetry Platform Versopolis that makes opportunities for emerging poets, and supported by the Commission’s Creative Europe programme, will keep “open” its doors until mid-June.

Over the last months, the platform united about 70 international poetry partners from more than 40 countries worldwide to organise the first virtual poetry festival that speaks of hope, future and opportunity. The vibrant event was supposed to last only one week in April, but due to the great response, the organisers prolonged the festival until 15 June with three more events every week.

On the digital channels of Versopolis and its partners an intense programme for literature is hosted and visited by thousands of viewers every day.

Versopolis props up emerging poets by financially and organisationally supporting translations of their poetry into English and other European languages and publishing them in printed booklets, e-books and on the www.versopolis.com website along with full profile descriptions.


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