PM designate with government proposal back to President

Photo: BTA President Rumen Radev (R) and Plamen Nikolov

Plamen Nikolov, the Prime Minister designate of There Is Such a People (TISP), went back to President Rumen Radev to hand him the TISP proposal for a government.

After the President handed them an exploratory mandate for formation of a government on 30 July, TISP announced its composition and structure and said they would seek support for it from Democratic Bulgaria, Rise Up BG! We are coming! and the Bulgarian Socialist Party. They also read out a declaration of their priorities in Parliament on 4 August.
Talks on expert level continue in Parliament in a bid to rally to the support of the proposed TISP government and its priorities but none of the three parties involved has made a final decision yet.
According to the Constitution, the next step is for the President to ask Parliament to put to a vote the Prime Minister designate and his ministerial proposals.
In a last-minute change on Friday morning, TISP announced that their justice minister designate has pulled out and therefore they have a new nominee, Ivo Atanassov. This development transpired as Nikolov went to the President.
Ivo Atanassov is a MP from the Northern constituency of Vidin and TISP Parliamentary Secretary. He was a MP in the short-lived Parliament that was elected on 4 April. He is a lawyer by training and speaks German and Russian.

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