PM Boyko Borissov: Hristo Ivanov is master of behind-the-scenes’ behaviour

GERB submitted the draft Constitution today, they will be ready with the signatures on 2 September

PM Boyko Borissov

Hristo Ivanov is a master of behind-the-scenes’ behaviour, Prime Minister Boyko Borissov commented in a Facebook live, and next to him were standing the Speaker of the National Assembly Tsveta Karayancheva and GERB's PG chairman Daniela Daritkova.

Boyko Borissov suspects that the goal of the leader of Democratic Bulgaria is a provisional government, which would give autocracy to President Rumen Radev, in which he will be everything - both a cabinet and a parliament. However, according to him, such a situation is extremely risky and therefore they should warn people. "I have no fear of him at all, he is so smeared," the PM said about President Radev.

The occasion is based on the proposals for Grand National Assembly (GNA) and a new Constitution. According to Borissov, they must take the next step, and their only goal is to grant to people the right to vote and take a decision. "Some people reproach us that we are not legitimate," he said, reminding that there were two votes last year - to the European Parliament and Bulgarian local elections. All the sociological surveys show that currently GERB is a leading political force.

"We have not done everything necessary in financial and economic aspects. The people want justice, governance and representation," PM said.

According to him, this can only happen with a new Constitution. "We have been discussing the subject of Grand National Assembly over the years, but we have never found ourselves as a state in such a situation - political class not to be there," Borissov said.

There are no parties to make use of great public support at the blockades and barricades, which can take governance of the country. "They have 1, 2, 3 or 4%. These parties want behind-the-scenes clique to get to the parliament," Prime Minister said.

He refuted the lie that the goal of the proposals for a Grand National Assembly and a new Constitution was their dragging in time, not having provisional government and that they "clenched at power". "It is absolutely a lie! That is the reason we submit the proposal for a new Constitution today and expose the second lie - that this presents a Constitution of GERB and Boyko Borissov. Yes, we are opening this debate today. But the Grand National Assembly can change any line, any letter and introduce any other proposals. We want the GNA to deliver an opinion", Borissov stated.

Another lie was that GERB did not want voting via machines. Borissov instructed the Deputy PM Tomislav Donchev to get things going today with the amendments to the Electoral Code regarding the machines through a group of GERB lawmakers. Thus, in the Code should be recorded that the machines could be rented or purchased, providing an opportunity for voting on paper, so as the elections not to be blocked if the devices damage somewhere. Borissov clarified that he would order the Finance Minister Kiril Ananiev to buy a building for the Central Election Commission.

The Prime Minister clarified also that they want everything to be done as soon as possible concerning the procedure for convening a Grand National Assembly. According to him, they want a governance that will enjoy people’s support. "I want to refute all the lies that we play ball and we want to remain in the governance of the country. I just warn you, I do not frighten you. On TV you can see every day how Greece, Germany, the US strengthen the measures. Extremely difficult time is forthcoming for a year ahead. That is why we need a full consolidation of our state. We just want to help the people! And the fact that we predetermine the Constitution is a huge lie", PM said also, warning of the drop in GDP around the world.

He made it clear that the draft Constitution will be submitted to the National Assembly today. He ordered Daritkova and Karayancheva to form a Contact group. He stated he was ready to meet the coalition partners. He explained that he wanted the draft to be submitted on 2 September and the debates in the National Assembly to start when it is the first working day of the parliament. "On 2 September, we have to enter with 120 signatures. Because of it, we have to hold talks with all the parties represented in the parliament," he said. Karayancheva and Daritkova must check how 160 votes could be collected afterwards, which are needed for scheduling of the Grand National Assembly. Otherwise, the timing would be dragging on until 2 November.

"No one can make exercises on our shoulders! We govern in the best way. Bulgarians do not know what quarantine is. This is how we manage the coronavirus pandemic, you can go and see how it is in Greece. We manage finances well," Borissov said and pointed out the GDP drop in the UK, all of Europe, Spain, the US, which passed 33-34%. "This is much more severe crisis than the Great Depression. Terrible years are forthcoming for finances and people's jobs. We are ready to help with everything like real soldiers," PM emphasised.

Boyko Borissov reminded again the achievements of his cabinet - managing the migration, the financial crisis, additional BGN 2bn from the EU, our entry to the waiting room of eurozone. "We coped with coronavirus pandemic and we are building everywhere. What we should be ashamed of?! I want you to support me. And I appeal to the protesters, I would like to ask them - stop harassing the others, leave the roads, stay on the sidewalks and protest again, but give us 2 weeks’ time to give the power to the people," Borissov added.

If the other parties or coalition partners do not accept their proposal, everyone would take their political responsibility. Borissov pointed out again that we will face severe financial, economic and health problems. He also reminded the idea for the MPs of the Grand National Assembly, 200 to be elected proportionally and 200 by a majority.

"Unlike those who aspire to power, we want the best for the people, and this can only be achieved through compliance with the laws, rules and discipline," Borissov said. He admitted that at the end of 4 years period of governance, there is a fatigue and wear and tear. That is the reason they want to give the power to the people.

"On 2 September, we have a chance to move forward," Borissov said, explaining that if the parties in the National Assembly do not want to support him, this parliament would disappear. He pointed out that the parties are weak now and such are the National Assembly and the Presidency. The coming catastrophe could be avoided only with Grand National Assembly. If this does not happen, they have an unconditional decision, it became clear from PM Boyko Borissov's words, without giving details about it.

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