PM Borissov: We are on the right track

Bulgarian economy withstands the pressure, Fitch affirms the country's credit rating

PM Boyko Borissov

The global credit rating agency Fitch Ratings Inc. has affirmed Bulgaria’s Long-Term Foreign-Currency and Local-Currency credit rating at BBB with a positive outlook.

International experts say that thanks to fiscal stability and the accumulated surplus, our economy withstands the pressure, Prime Minister Boyko Borissov has written on Facebook. The reason is the announcement of the Ministry of Finance that Fitch Ratings has affirmed BBB rating of Bulgaria with a positive outlook.

According to Borissov, the country's entry into the waiting room of the Eurozone and the Banking Union also contribute to maintaining fiscal stability against the backdrop of the growing political uncertainty.

"I have said many times that a crisis is looming, which will be severe and protracted in its nature. The figures above show us that we are on the right track. And they motivate us to work even harder to meet the challenges," PM Borissov says.

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