PM Borissov: President's statement disunites the nation

Prime Minister Boyko Borissov told reporters that the President's statement disunited the nation. Borissov noted: "The President has not lent me confidence and there is no way he can strip me of it. This statement is a direct interference in the separation of powers - precisely the opposite of what he is saying."

He asked: "How come he commented on this governance by several political parties which won a clear-cut victory in the elections?"

In an address to the nation on Tuesday, President Rumen Radev said he was stripping the Government of confidence. He said: "As of today, I officially strip of confidence the Government, which is not acting in the interest of the Bulgarian citizens and is responsible for the acute political crisis of our society."
Radev said he had been urging the Government to work responsibly and effectively in the Bulgarians' interest for three years now, not as a political opponent but as head of State mindful and caring for Bulgaria's future. Regrettably, he said this had not happened.

The Prime Minister presumed a connection between the statement and recent actions of the prosecution service: "Most probably, it is difficult to attack the prosecuting magistracy, so the President is looking for an enemy elsewhere."
The reference is to the release by the prosecution service on January 29 of wiretaps implicating President Radev in criminal activity as part of a pre-trial proceeding referred to Prosecutor General Ivan Geshev by supervising prosecutors. He said this had made him ask the Constitutional Court for an interpretation of the constitutional provision on the immunity enjoyed by the President and the Vice President.

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