PM Borissov confers with Czech Foreign Minister

Photo: BTA Boyko Borissov (L) and Tomas Petricek

Prime Minister Boyko Borissov conferred with Czech Foreign Minister Tomas Petricek in Sofia on Tuesday, the government information service said.

The two discussed the good cooperation between Bulgaria and the Czech Republic, underscoring potential to boost bilateral relations in the area of commerce and economy. Talks focused on expanding partnership in areas such as investment, tourism, ITC, food processing industry, green investments and in medium to high value added industries and services.
During the meeting Borissov noted the good macroeconomic and financial indicators of Bulgaria.
The Prime Minister highlighted Bulgaria's efforts to protect the EU's external borders. "Bulgaria is a country with zero migration thanks to the measures that we have taken in compliance with European rules," added Borissov. He underscored that the agreement between the EU and Turkey is working perfectly, allowing Bulgaria to protect the EU borders and ensures peace in Europe. He added that the Czech Republic is an important partner of Bulgaria in the EU and a NATO ally.

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