PM Borissov: Coming generations will never forgive us for failing to reach a compromise

Sofia insists on the addition of a roadmap to its friendship treaty with the Republic of North Macedonia

“I have always thought that solutions can be found at the negotiating table. The current and the coming generations will never forgive either Bulgaria or the Republic of North Macedonia for failing to reach a compromise that would have created a path forward,” Prime Minister Boyko Borissov said during his meeting earlier today with Vlado Buchkovski, special representative of the government of the Republic of North Macedonia to Bulgaria, the Council of Ministers announced.

Borissov noted that in order for mutual trust to be established in bilateral relations there needs to be a return to strict and irreversible honouring of all commitments made under the Treaty on Friendship, Good-Neighbourliness and Cooperation that the two countries signed in 2017.

“Bulgaria has always espoused the Euro-Atlantic (EU and NATO) values, which is why during our Presidency of the Council of the EU we identified the topic of providing the Western Balkans with a clear European perspective as a top priority,” the premier said. Borissov was adamant that Bulgaria has made every effort to ensure that Western Balkan nations are accepted to NATO and the EU. On that note, the premier reminded that it was thanks to Bulgaria's support for the European future of the Republic of North Macedonia that the Treaty on Friendship, Good-Neighbourliness and Cooperation was signed in the first place.

Bulgaria insists that an annex or a roadmap be signed to complement the friendship treaty. During the meeting, Borissov explained that the two areas of concern to Bulgaria are sovereignty and minorities. Buchkovski, in turn, said that Skopje has no territorial claims on Bulgaria. Both agreed that hate speech should be squashed.

“What is more important - outlining a perspective, or digging into the past,” Borissov asked rhetorically, making it clear that it is the duty of historians to settle historical disputes and find balance.

“North Macedonia is a sovereign state, North Macedonia can make decisions about its official language. We, in Bulgaria, have chosen to speak Bulgarian. No one can dictate to you, we have never tried to dictate to you, I certainly have not,” Borissov told Buchkovski.

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