Plovdiv lawyer with open letter to MEP Clare Daly: You speak like yellow opposition press, you do not know the problems in Bulgaria

Clare Daly

Stanislav Stanev, a lawyer from Bulgaria's second biggest town of Plovdiv, sent an open letter to Irish far-left MEP Clare Daly. A few days ago, during a meeting of The Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs (LIBE), Daly sharply criticised the government in Bulgaria, the attitude towards minorities, the media and the actions of the prosecution.

Here is the full text of the letter:

Dear Mrs. Daly,
I followed with great interest your statement concerning my country - Bulgaria. I must admit to you that I was shocked to hear a statement from a Member of the European Parliament that suits the yellow opposition press and not a serious and respected figure, as an MEP should be. Although of high propaganda value, your deeply politicized statement has little in common with the truth, and it is also offensive to me as a Bulgarian and as a European citizen.

Mrs. Daly,
You suggest that in Bulgaria minorities are not persecuted solely to save criticism. In fact, Bulgaria does not persecute its minorities because Bulgarian society is tolerant, because it accepts the different and because it respects the worthy no matter what they are. There are a number of minorities in Bulgaria: Turkish, Jewish, Armenian, etc. People who are worthy part of the society are respected, whether they belong to minorities. And we value everyone long before the European Union existed. The tolerance of the Bulgarian is a fundamental part of our national philosophy.

You suggest that the Bulgarian government order the prosecutor's office to investigate in order to hide themselves. And the reality is that there are currently charges against a number of people who are close to the government or are part of it. A charge has been brought against a minister, against his deputy; against advisers to the Bulgarian head of state, etc.

You are suggesting that the governmeent is harassing judges, and the truth is the opposite. The political opposition and some economic groups, through the vast media resources at their disposal, are putting enormous pressure on judges. The obvious purpose of this pressure is not to help the government and the law, but on the contrary - to prevent the proper functioning of the state and by blocking the law to create a shield of economic structures.

The arrests you are talking about are not because people are protesting, nor against the right to protest. People who were arrested wanted or agreed to the right to protest to be used in order to bleed the capital of Bulgaria and thus to mock the law. You suggest that the Bulgarian police and gendarmerie are harassing people, and in fact the Bulgarian police and gendarmerie has been put to an inhuman test - to watch for hours how the people you admire make fun of the law and how they try to burn and kill.

I wonder with what confidence you speak on behalf of the people in Sofia. More than 1,200,000 people live in the Bulgarian capital, and those who protest (ie on whose behalf you speak) are less than 10,000. Less than one percent.

Mrs Daly, I am well aware that, despite their pompous statements, politicians rarely speak the truth and rarely seek it. However, this does not mean that we, the European citizens who pay your salaries with our taxes, are obliged to tolerate propaganda from the rostrum of the European Parliament and the promotion of lies and manipulation.
If you are really interested in what is happening in Bulgaria and if you want to know the truth, you need to put more effort. And when looking for it, you need to know that the truth is the facts, not what you want the facts to be.
I personally believe that the truth is obligatory for every worthy person - not only for us who are right-wing, but also for you with left and far left.

I decided to write you the above because the format in which you sat allowed speeches to be made, but not to expose manipulations. And the fact that no one has contradicted you does not mean that we have come to terms with propaganda and suggestions.

Yours faithfully (to the institution MEP)
Stanislav Stanev - a citizen of Bulgaria and the EU

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