Pirogov Emergency Hospital received BGN 350 000 in aid, Peevski's donations exceeded BGN 3m

Technomarket gave BGN100 000 for the fight against COVID-19, US Embassy provided funds to the village of Belitsa

Donations to support the major hospitals in Bulgaria keep flowing in. During the last week to the account of the Pirogov Emergency Hospital arrived donations from various people and organizations worth nearly BGN 350 000. BGN 288 000 of them are provided by the Bulgarian Energy Holding, TPP Maritsa Iztok 2, NEC, Kozloduy NPP, Bulgargaz, Bulgartransgaz, Mini Maritsa Iztok, ESO.

Pirogov's management allocated donated funds for the purchase of a mobile digital X-ray system worth 255 900 BGN to be used in the intensive care unit for treatment of COVID-19 patents. Aid amounting to over BGN 70 000 the emergency hospital received from Nova Broadcasting group. The donation includes anesthesiology equipment, disinfection machine, as well as beds for parents of sick children.

Eleven days after the launch of the national campaign of the Bulgarian Medical Association “For the Heroes in White”, supported by football star Dimitar Berbatov, on 3 April donations worth of BGN 147 345 were received.

Masks, goggles, disposable protective garments and others keep on arriving at the BMA headquarters. On the last day of the week Technomarket Bulgaria EAD transferred  BGN 100, 000 to the account of the Ministry of Health for supporting the medical institutions in Bulgaria.

The US Embassy in Sofia donated funds to the municipality of Belitsa in southwestern Bulgaria. "Last week over 100 residents of Belitsa returned home after they had to quit their seasonal jobs in Bansko ski resort. They are all quarantined in their homes,“ the U.S. embassy said. "With our funds disinfectants and personal protective gear will be purchased for volunteers from Belitsa who supply food and medicines to residents at risk, including the 100 who are currently under quarantine. Every volunteer helps to contain the spread of the infection," the US Embassy wrote on Facebook.

Meanwhile, MP of the Movement for Rights and Freedoms (MRF) and publisher of Telegraph Media Delyan Peevski turned out to be among the biggest donors for the battle against the coronavirus in Bulgaria, the total worth of his aid exceeds BGN 3m. Earlier in the day the leadership of MRF in the municipality of Rakitovo extended their special gratitude to Delyan Peevski for the masks he provided and his humane attitude to the people.

Food packages with essential products, vitamin C and protective masks will be handed out to about 2000 disadvantaged inhabitants of the municipality of Peshtera.

The donation of a total value of BGN 250 000 is provided by Biovet AD. Thus, the largest enterprise in the region has joined in the campaign under the motto Stay home – Save Human Life!, which aims to contain the spread of COVID-19.  The packages will be distributed among the most vulnerable social groups – pensioners, diabetics, disabled and people with mental disabilities from the Vyara Club. Relief will be provided every two weeks until the amounts are exhausted.

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