Pinocchio pops a bunch of Capital pills and hallucinates about Peevski

He joined Barekov in an oligarchy-sponsored chorus against the lawmaker

Failed former justice minister Hristo “Pinocchio” Ivanov suddenly got spooked by the prospect of a Grand National Assembly (GNA) and ran for the hills on that idea. Just a week ago, he held the opposite view, reveling in the opportunity to tell rally attendees how a GNA should be convened as soon as possible. Now he is trying to push the narrative that PM Boyko Borissov would be doing lawmaker Delyan Peevski a favour with a GNA.

However, in a video message Pinocchio overdid his bit so much that he slipped. hinting at how his party Democratic Bulgaria, better known as Democratic Bolshevism, might crash and burn at the next elections. Naturally, Peevski will once again be the one who gets blamed for that failure. It will not be the fact that Pinocchio and his party serve the oligarchs – indicted and charged individuals such as Ivo Prokopiev, gambling tzar Vasil Bozhkov and financial fraudster Tsvetan Vassilev. People do not like the oligarchy or its minions, be it disguised as democrats.

The video address provided by Pinocchio was preceded by a public stunt in which former MEP Nikolay Barekov occupied the headquarters of Ivanov’s Democratic Bulgaria. Barekov mentioned the name of Peevski a whopping 16 times, effectively picking up the tune that Boykikev has been singing. The latter seems to be thinking about Peevski every waking hour. He needs a psychological evaluation urgently. Because his state of mind is truly worrisome, especially if you read his short story The Gift. It was published by the daily Sega, which is owned by yet another member of the oligarchy, natural gas tycoon Sasho Donchev. Google it.

Considering this spiritual metamorphosis by and the poor mental state of Pinocchio, he needs to hurry up and clarify his oligarchic dynamic with Barekov and with his own mentor – indicted boss Ivo Prokopiev. No reason to drag Peevski’s name into those relations, as the lawmaker and Telegraph Media publisher has never been involved in petty turf wars like the one that Barekov and Pinocchio are having.

The two are obviously masters of the circus art, which lost two great clown prospects in them. But now Pinocchio is obviously experiencing severe hallucinations, probably from the Capital happy pills he has been popping. His mentor Ivo Prokopiev must be taking them regularly too because he also has Peevski on his mind at all times. For example, there is this striking made-up story about how Peevski sent Barekov to talk bad about Pinocchio outside the Democratic Bulgaria headquarters. This nonsense can only be the product of a schizophrenic mind. Clearly, the Capital pills are pretty strong.  

Pinocchio is clinging to the talking points drafted by Prokopiev and is repeating them on a loop like a broken record. With his arguments, he is trying to cozy up to President Rumen Radev. He is hoping to get a seat on the potential provisional cabinet and sneaks a peek at the premier chair as well. His efforts are supported with talking points he is being fed by the orchestrators of the protests – the blood-thirsty gambling tzar and oligarch facing 19 felony charges Vasil Bozhkov and his ally Tsvetan Vassilev. The mainstream media machine is regurgitating those as a vocal trio – Prokopiev’s Dnevnik and Capital, the website Mediapool of former PM Ivan Kostov’s one-time spokesperson Stoyana Georgieva, and Frognews of Tsvetan Vassilev’s favourite minion, Ognyan Stefanov, aka Agent Academician of the State Security.

If Peevski has something to say, he does it personally through the publications of the Telegraph Media. He stands with his name. It is shameful of the fake news machine to lump the lawmaker together with Hristo Ivanov and Ivo Prokopiev. The authors of these scripts are missing a small detail – for over two decades, Peevski’s media outlets have been systematically exposing the plundering done by the oligarchy and its shadowy networks. It is that behind-the-scenes clique, created and controlled by Ivan Kostov and acting as the core of his parallel state, that gave Prokopiev generous gifts in the privatisation period, while Hristo Boykikev, a descendant of a communist family, was inserted as party leader of “Democratic Bolshevism”.  

For two short stints Boykikev was even installed by the Capital circle as a justice minister. His first appointment was on 6 August 2014, in the interim cabinet led by Prof. Georgi Bliznashki. Pinocchio passed on the opportunity to mark the date with a Facebook post, probably because he knows he failed miserably in his attempts to gain control of the judicial system.

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