Pinocchio lies about Delyan Peevski in stand-up comedy skit with his stage partner Ivo Mirchev

Stand-up comedy undoubtedly missed out on huge talents in the latest duo of political show business – Hristo Ivanov and Ivo Mirchev. Prokopiev’s two hangers-on from the indicted oligarch’s GMO political party Yes, Bulgaria have been touring the country for a month now, pulling double duty – reminding the public of their own existence and that of their party, which is bogged down in the range of statistical error when it comes to voter support; and simultaneously serving their sponsor by spouting lies and doing all sorts of circus tricks against his enemies.

And so after touring the seaside in a quest for Facebook attention, this newly minted comedic act has landed outside of the Ministry of Economy to “reveal” the identity of the individuals who have supposedly captured the Bulgarian Development Bank (BDB) and regularly get extended the largest loans. Instead of putting the names of their mentor Ivo Prokopiev and socialist leader Kornelia Ninova (who was revealed to be, through her closest fellow BSP party members, the proud owner of a Halkidiki hotel worth tens of millions of lev that was acquired with a BDB loan) at the top of the list, the Ivanov-Mirchev duo brandished, at the command of their boss, the name of his biggest enemy – lawmaker from the opposition party Movement for Rights and Freedoms (MRF) Delyan Peevski. That mantra has been incessantly regurgitated by Prokopiev’s publications from the Capital circle, without a smidge of evidence. Because there is none. But for the mainstream media machine of the oligarch the pursuit of truth has never been a thing, while facts have always been more of a nuisance to be handled with the help of fake news. Like the allegation that Peevski is “the end recipient of BGN 250m in loans” via companies affiliated with him. What are these businesses? Well, the ones that the Capital circle has long been pinning on him despite contradicting evidence in the public Commercial Register. There has never been documentation linking Peevski to the companies in question in any way. On the flip side, there are plenty of documents connecting Ninova and her people with the Halkidiki hotel. The same applies to Prokopiev’s ties to the BDB management, where a reshuffle was caused by a campaign orchestrated by the oligarch so that a person of his close circle, Panayot Filipov can be installed as executive director. He is a longtime minion of the Capital circle, through whom the indicted oligarch is trying to put a hand on of BGN 700m earmarked by the state for assisting citizens and companies hit by the coronavirus crisis. And so the comedic duo has the address for its stunt wrong by a couple of steps – that is how much separates their makeshift stage from the editorial offices of the Capital circle, whose fake news they are spreading. Those publications dutifully and with lightning speed covered the latest stand-up comedy performance of their mentor’s hangers-on. At least Hristo Ivanov, aka Pinocchio, and his comedic partner Ivo Mirchev, the latest participant in the competition for telling the most lies, can take solace in the fact that they will be able to make a living as comedians after voters reject them at the next general elections too. 

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