Pinocchio indulges in dreams of parliament

Hristo Ivanov is trying to cash in on the public stunt at Rosenets

The leader of the political party Yes, Bulgaria Hristo Ivanov, who is strictly following the orders of the country’s oligarchy in its campaign to destabilise the government, is trying to cash in on the PR stunt carried out near Rosenets a couple of days ago.

As early as Saturday evening the party started calling for donations. To that end, it posted on its Facebook page a link taking internet users to the official website of the organisation, where they can make donations. Just a week ago, financial statements Pinocchio’s party filed with the Bulgarian National Audit Office revealed that it had raised nearly BGN 1m in 2019, almost all of which has already been spent.

Now the former justice minister, who has joined forces with oligarch Vasil Bozhkov, who is currently holed up in Dubai, to fight the democratically elected government, made use of the platform provided to him by the Bulgarian National Television (BNT) to disseminate his theses.

He accused Prime Minister Boyko Borissov of having lost touch with reality and living in a world of conspiracy theories. He also openly admitted that the Rosenets stunt was part of his camp’s “long-term strategy”, not a “response to a political situation”.

It would seem that Ivanov is the one who has lost touch with reality given that he is dreaming out loud about getting into parliament. The oligarchy’s puppet expressed confidence that Yes, Bulgaria will win seats in the next National Assembly along with other new players – all of them figures like Maya Manolova who serve Bozhkov. Reacting to a comment pointing out that opinion polls paint a different picture, Ivanov accused polling agencies of being “part of the government propaganda”. He seems to have forgotten that in the last election his Democratic Bulgaria alliance won a percentage of votes that was within the margin of statistical error.  

As if this was not enough, Ivanov dared to accuse BNT, who had him on to express his opinion, that it, too, channeled propaganda messages and even complained that he had not been invited to appear on the TV network for the past three years.

Pinocchio did not waste his opportunity to also slam the Prosecutor’s Office led by Prosecutor General Ivan Geshev. He picked up the same old refrain about how the institution should be separate from the judicial system. He also tried to minimise the series of anti-corruption stings like the one in the Ministry of Environment and Water. He also brought up the subject of the BGN 700m in taxes Bozhkov failed to pay, but only to stress that Finance Minister Vladislav Goranov has not taken political responsibility for it.

As has become his habit, Ivanov dragged the name of lawmaker and Telegraph Media publisher Delyan Peevski into it, as well as that of the honorary chairman of the Movement for Rights and Freedoms Ahmed Dogan. Even though the two publicly said that they were giving up the security details assigned to them by the National Service for Protection and that they have not used one since 11 June, the politician, whose tall tales have earned him the nickname Pinnochio, said that the public cannot be sure that all of that was true. In his arrogance, he even went so far as to ask for the resignation of BNT director Emil Koshlukov.

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