Pinocchio attaches EU funds to Delyan Peevski

The truth is the money is distributed by an avatar of his boss, Ivo Prokopiev

Hristo Ivanov (L) and Ivo Prokopiev

Are you familiar with the term delusion? If you look it up in the dictionary, it is explained as a state of harbouring a false belief. In the field of medicine, delusion can be a symptom of an entire spectrum of mental health conditions from schizophrenia to bipolar disorder.

Which one of those plagues former justice minister Hristo Ivanov, the minion of indicted oligarch Ivo Prokopiev, is a question that can be answered only by experts in the field of psychiatric help at this point. If the aforementioned dictionary featured illustrations, it would have a picture of Ivanov, aka Pinocchio, next to the term delusion. It would seem that he is not only completely lost in the world of the lies he is being fed, but is now exhibiting another symptom – obsession. Irrespective of whom he is libeling at the orders of his master, Prokopiev, Ivanov compulsively attributes to that person all aspirations and schemes of the indicted oligarch.

In his latest Prokopiev-produced attack, this time launched on a platform provided by Veselin Dremdzhiev, former Agent Bogdan of the Sixth Department of the State Security, Ivanov uttered the nonsense that PM Boyko Borissov has not resigned yet because of a promise he gave to Delyan Peevski to complete the allocation of EU funds in his favour (?!).

It is more than clear that such an allegation has as much claim on reality as the attempts of Prokopiev’s former justice minister to make himself out to be an independent fighter for serving justice and punishing those who robbed the Bulgarian people, starting with his own master. It is also an unmistakable fact that Peevski is a lawmaker from the opposition Movement for Rights and Freedoms – the same party that just several days ago used the parliamentary floor to call for Borissov’s resignation.

Here is the time to remind another easily verifiable fact – Peevski has not and has never attempted to utilise EU funds. Neither he nor the outlets in his media group have done that.

For the past two decades, Prokopiev has been using every single piece of financial resource he could get from Brussels and even using figureheads to influence the allocation of EU funds in the first place and lobby for certain policies, sold to the public as things Brussels wants. From the tens of millions poured in the construction and running of hydroelectric power plants – an industry that has been truly monopolised by the indicted boss – to the infamous “green energy” surcharge that has led to electricity bills ballooning under the “watchful eye” of several Energy and Water Regulatory Commissions (all chaired by people linked to Prokopiev and his mentor, former PM Ivan Kostov) and that was introduced with the excuse that it met a “Brussels requirement”. Not to mention the tens of millions in grants that have been sustaining the NGO network and the mainstream media machine of Prokopiev for years.

In 2019 alone, outlets directly affiliated with the Capital circle received BGN 202,744 in funding from the European Commission and BGN 152,881 from the European Parliament. That does not even include all the satellite outlets in the so-called mainstream controlled by Prokopiev, whose task is to defame the enemies of the behind-the-scenes clique in Bulgaria under the oligarch’s conduction.

It is not Peevski but the entire horde of Prokopiev minions from NGOs and the media industry who has been feeding off of European taxpayers’ money. And the person in charge of allocating EU funds in Bulgaria has always been a minister serving the Capital circle’s interests. That certainly applies to the incumbent in the current cabinet, where the vice-PM in charge of EU funds is none other than former Open Society employee Tomislav Donchev. He is the minister who at the height of the emergency COVID-19 measures tried to sneak the latest public procurement order procedure rigged in favour of the Capital circle – this one concerned the non-governmental sector.

Against this backdrop, it should not surprise us if the next Pinocchio production links Donchev’s actions to Peevski. That very notion may sound absurd, but schizophrenia knows no bounds. Just ask Hristo Ivanov.

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