Pinocchio and his schizophrenic lies about Delyan Peevski

You are not OK with getting robbed? Then you are one of Delyan Peevski’s people. You see Prokopiev as an arrogant oligarch who was practically gifted a lucrative kaolin mine, who devastated an entire town, and hit your personal finances with unjustifiably inflated electricity bills? Then you are one of Delyan Peevski’s people. You are furious that Prokopiev’s fellow privatisation investor with legal problems on his mind and media outlets spewing fake news on his portfolio – Ognyan Donev – is making money at the expense of your health? Then you are one of Delyan Peevski’s people.

If you do not believe this, take 19 minutes of your precious time to watch the interview that bTV did on Sunday with former justice minister and current strawman leader of a party directly linked to the aforementioned oligarchs Hristo Ivanov, also known as Pinocchio because of his propensity to tell “the truth”.

We are sorry to advertise a TV channel that has been revealed to have unethical ties to the gambling tzar Vasil Bozhkov, who fled abroad after getting hit with 18 felony charges and defrauding the state coffers out of BGN 700m in unpaid taxes, but Ivanov’s interview is worth watching, as it offers an insight into the schizophrenic mindset of this entire behind-the-scenes clique. It shows that, according to Pinocchio’s confessions, everyone who disagrees with the country’s laws being broken must be one of Delyan Peevski’s people. If Hristo Ivanov is to be believed, the people in this category include Minister of Interior Mladen Marinov for his refusal to allow the oligarchic party Yes, Bulgaria, which was ousted from the parliament by the citizens of this country, to break the law and cause violent clashes. “Danail Kirilov was also labeled a “Peevski minister” for daring to remind said oligarchic party, its leaders and mentors the laws of the land. Against this backdrop, it should hardly be surprising that Pinocchio believes the prosecutor general is also one of “Peevski’s people”. You will not hear an argument from Ivanov as to why that is. So let us fill the gaps. Pinocchio is painting such an image of the magistrate because the latter dared to go after the former’s mentors – oligarchs like Prokopiev and Bozhkov and company, who stole and committed outrages at our expense for years. The list of individuals falsely accused of being Peevski’s people will surely be expanded with the name of anyone who is not OK with the state remaining a captive of the behind-the-scenes clique. And so Pinocchio drew a line of demarcation between himself and his oligarchic mentors, on the one hand, and society, which wants them to be punished for their crimes, and opposition party member Delyan Peevski, on the other.

Because Delyan Peevski is a legislator from an opposition party. He is not the one who has control over ministers. Moreover, everyone knows who handpicked ministers to be planted on various cabinets over the past few years.

Borissov said it himself – the ministers of finance and energy in his first cabinet, Simeon Djankov and Traycho Traykov, respectively were appointed after Ivo Prokopiev lobbied for them. And now they are defendants alongside him in the EVN case.

And no, the prosecutor general is not a Peevski guy either, nor is he protecting him. Not to mention that Peevski does not need to be shielded from the country’s judicial system. He does not have legal problems, everything is transparent with him and proven to be legal. The same cannot be said for the entire oligarchic gang whose interests Hristo Ivanov has been serving from the time he was justice minister to this day.

Bur yes, Peevski does indeed insist that this oligarchic group, which plundered the state over the course of decades, be punished for its crimes. Incidentally, the entire Bulgarian public wants the same.

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