Pinocchio admits: Wants to overthrow the government in oligarchy’s name

Hristo Ivanov

Failed former justice minister Hristo Ivanov, who for the past few years has been the strawman leader of the political project engineered by the oligarchy Yes, Bulgaria, recently admitted to being tasked with ousting the government. In an interview with the Bulgarian National Radio, Pinocchio announced that he has filed with the National Assembly’s administration “a letter – a call for lawmakers to resign as they have no idea how to do their job”.  

This “call” is pretty impudent considering it comes from a failed minister who has since failed even more badly as a leader of a political project that could not get over the percentage of ballots serving as threshold for entering parliament. But it is also a natural continuation of the much broader campaign that a band of oligarchs is waging against the state. For the past couple of years, these individuals have been trying to distabilise the state and so save themselves from the ongoing criminal cases against them.

Even though it is too early to start campaigning for the general elections expected to be held in the spring of 2021, Hristo Ivanov has obviously decided that an attack against the Prosecutor’s Office as a whole and Prosecutor General Ivan Geshev in particular could score him some political points, and more, right now. A week ago, Ivanov’s mentor, kaolin king Ivo Prokopiev proved that media and lobbyist pressure can work as he got off scot-free from the first-instance court case looking into the privatisation of the state’s minority state in the utility company EVN.  

This is why we are now seeing Hristo Ivanov going out there to defend his boss, Prokopiev, and his oligarchic cronies such as Tsvetan Vassilev, who defrauded CorpBank depositors out of BGN 5.6bn, and Vasil Bozhkov, who is facing 18 criminal charges.

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