Photographer shows Sofia without make-up

Photo: BGNES Ivo Jovanovic

Nostalgia, sadness and missed memories - these are the associations evoked by cameraman Ivo Jovanovic's exhibition #sofia. The black-and-white photos of architectural elements and old buildings can be viewed at the Serdica Art Gallery until 19 February.

“Old Sofia reminds me of my childhood, my friends as a kid and the games we played. The pictures are black-and-white because they simply could not be taken in colour at the time. They are a portal to Sofia of yesteryear, a version nowadays hidden beneath layers stacked by time and indifference. Now the city is all made-up and I am just stripping it down to the things that are truly beautiful about it,” comments Ivo Jovanovic.

Architectural details have always fascinated him as authentic traces of times gone by. This is why his photos are essentially a catalogue of the magical places in Sofia that stay unnoticed in the hectic pace of everyday life.

Ivo Jovanovic was born in Sofia and still lives there. He spent a large portion of his life in Belgrade, where he studied cinematography and worked as a cameraman. The passion for photography he got from his father - photographer Dusan Jovanovic.

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