Photo by colleague picked for а global selection

A snap shot taken by the well-known journalist and a colleague of ours at the Monitor newspaper Ivan Tropankev has made it into a selection curated by one of the most renowned masters of black-and-white photography - Portuguese Rui Palha. Captioned “Parking assistants” and depicting two Roma children, the photo has found its way into the virtual gallery of Palha - HSPC Gallery. The images are planned to eventually be translated to a physical-medium exhibition.

“It happened by accident. I was walking out of a store when I saw these two kids standing by the automated ticket machine and playing with the barrier. It was a fascinating sight so I snapped a picture with my phone,” says Tropankev. He later posted the black-and-white image on a Facebook group page that has contributions from people all over the world and is somewhat mentored by Rui Palha, who promptly rated the image, shared it on Instagram and transferred it to his online gallery. Palha eventually contacted Tropankev to personally congratulate him.  

Ivan Tropankev says that photography is therapeutic for him. He started out by taking photos of pigeons on the windowsill of his hospital room where he was fighting a serious disease. Later, he shifted to the so-called street photography style, on which Rui Palha is a widely recognised authority.

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