Philip Colbert's art exhibited in Sofia

Philip Colbert

Structura Gallery in Sofia will show an outstanding exhibition of Philip Colbert. The artist was born in 1979 in Perth, Scotland, and now lives and works in London. Colbert is famous for his multidisciplinary approach which enables him to create an “authentic” world of art. He works across the mediums of painting, sculpture, fashion and design. Called “the godson of Andy Warhol”, Colbert developed further the pop-art tradition and created contemporary stories, entering into dialogue with authors such as Richard Hamilton, James Rosenquist and Roy Lichtenstein, introducing them to the digital era.

To him a modern artist is a man who works in different spheres. Philip Colbert launched his iconic The Rodnik Band inspired by the Post Pop Art movement, he makes designer furniture and has “wrapped” in vinyl a BMW 7 with his trademark - eggs fried sunny-side up.

He describes himself as “neo pop surrealist”, a term which emphasises his hybrid character and unforgettable personality sparkling with humour and full of surprises. One of his favourite characters is a giant lobster which he considers to be his alter ego. Philip Colbert is not a simple creator of art. He himself is a work of art who always sports self-made colourful outfits.

Each centimetre of his works is a cross point of various historical references and analogies with modernity. Making pictures, sculptures and furniture has something in common with the world we are living in where mass production is dominant and a trademark becomes a powerful weapon. In Colbert's pictures, references to the past are often combined with discernible signs of the future. His canvasses are very colourful and bright.

In his works Colbert often comments on the dark sides of life, in particular the culture of consumerism. The combination of light and darkness is the key element of his latest creations. His art has become a black mirror of reality.

The exhibition will be on view till 28 March.

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