Peevski's donations still frighten mainstream media machine

The fake news’ sect immediately spread the lies of an anonymous group

Stoyana Georgieva

The great Louis Pasteur, considered as the father of modern vaccines, has a famous thought: "Science knows no country." It seems that some Bulgarian scientists have forgotten this postulate, and storms from Sofia barricades are raving in their heads. Otherwise, we cannot explain the claim of an anonymous group that they wanted the donation of MP and publisher of Telegraph Media Delyan Peevski amounting to BGN 50,000, which he made to support the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (BAS) in development of a vaccine against Covid 19 in April, to be returned back. The group would even take out consumer loans to raise the money.

These days it became clear that the only proposal for development of Bulgarian vaccine is not funded by the Bulgarian National Science Fund, i.e. from the state. It is being pursued only with the money provided by the French Pasteur Institute. Peevski's donation has long been completed. It is not for BAS, but for the development of a vaccine that will save the lives of Bulgarian citizens. In fact, in situation like this, any donation is useful. If this group in question wants to take out consumer loans, it would be better to donate the money directly to the Institute of Microbiology at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.

At the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, the mainstream media machine of the indicted oligarch Ivo Prokopiev explained to us that economy is more important than people's lives. Subsequently, it became clear quite the opposite. Even BBC broke the theses of the Bulgarian Nostradamus. The British Broadcasting Corporation has proved that all the countries that took measures to protect the population during the 1918 Spanish flu pandemic 100 years ago, have managed to recover their economic life faster.

Have you heard that oligarch Ivo Prokopiev donated a single lev in the fight against Covid-19? You will not hear it, as he is busy now with rescuing his criminal property, such as his yacht and other assets worth BGN 200 million, seized by the Commission for Combating Corruption and Confiscation of Illegally Acquired Property through the court. Or you may have heard out that his partner from the Union of Publishers in Bulgaria and Gas Baron Sasho Donchev, who is the owner of the neglected website Sega and of even more neglected weekly outlet, has helped a hospital or even bought an respirator for seriously infected people with the coronavirus?

Have you heard about the fugitive banker Tsvetan Vassilev’s donation of anything, except draining CorpBank as a credit pharaoh and stinging its depositors with BGN 5.6 billion? Only Sopharma Trading of oligarch Ognyan Donev donated 35,000 packages of quinine-based medicine. It is just a small detail that this donation came after the cabinet banned the export of such drugs, and they are not sold in pharmacies in our country.

Have you heard that Yes, Bulgaria of Hristo Ivanov, called Pinocchio, most popular now as Democratic Bolshevism, has donated something or has a campaign in the fight against the coronavirus? You will not hear it. Pinocchio is now too busy to play up to behind-the-scenes bosses and he is targeting the prosecutor general's position. Or let’s see the behaviour of the oligarchs’ mentor – the former PM Ivan Kostov. He is satisfied with drawing only gloomy scenarios about the coronavirus pandemic and images of the Apocalypse on the top of everything, which we will face in the autumn.

The mainstream media machine religiously follows the talking points of Capital circle. It is something like a sect for fake news items against Delyan Peevski. It is no wonder that the allegation that some group wanted to return the donation from BAS - let's not forget that 2,700 scientists work there - was immediately spread by the Mediapool website of Kostov's court lady and godmother of fake news items Stoyana Georgieva. We will remind her another thought of Louis Pasteur, which paraphrased sounds this way: Unhappy are those people to whom everything is clear.

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