Peevski: MRF will work towards lower VAT on bread, medicines and books

MRF to submit new legislative package, considers free kindergarten education

Delyan Peevski

The Movement for Rights and Freedoms (MRF) considers the introduction of a draft bill aimed at reducing VAT on bread to 5%, said MP and publisher of Telegraph Media Delyan Peevski in the parliamentary lobby. Among the other ideas is the lower VAT on medicines and books as well as free kindergarten education.

Peevski specified that the Movement will seek support of all other parties for their ideas. He left to his colleagues to comment in detail on all of their concepts concerning the legislative amendments. However, the reporters were not content and followed Peevski around the lobby. As a result, he addressed the journalists, “Let the colleagues tell you. Listen to them. It is not fair. Isn’t it sufficient for today?” Peevski assured that there are more draft bills coming which are under consideration now and they will be duly fed to the media.

His MRF colleague Yordan Tsonev explained that the Movement is working on a legislative package aimed at lower VAT on bread, medicines and books. First of all they will meet with bread makers, grain producers and the pharmaceutical sector professionals. He assured that their proposals are not a populist move and that is why they air them after the elections instead of during the campaign and these proposals have nothing to do with the local vote due this autumn. However, before the legislative proposals are submitted to Parliament the MRF would like to be absolutely sure that prices will go down. Otherwise the effect may be just the opposite, they may keep prices unchanged and thus increase their own profit margin," Tsonev reasoned. However, in his words, the most important issue under consideration is a free kindergarten package that will allow mothers to resume work and pursue their careers. In his opinion, this is the hottest issues not only in Sofia but also across Bulgaria. This is the reason why the idea to re-channel the funds for renovation of apartment blocks to the construction of new kindergartens is so resourceful. The next package under consideration are more favourable conditions for business, as the key point is the investments shortcuts. Before that Tsonev jokingly commented on the interest the media showed to Peevski, “Will it be like that every morning? Even if Madonna showed up at the National Assembly she would hardly cause so much commotion.”

The ideas of the MRF of lowering VAT on bread and medicines were later commented by some other parliamentary parties.

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