Peevski involved in “Belgrade Schizoid” soap opera

Delyan Peevski

Ognyan Stefanov, wider known as Agent Academician, churns out conspiracy theories on a regular basis. The protagonist in these theories, which are mutually exclusive and conflicting, is again Delyan Peevski. One may assume that Stefanov receives midnight calls from Belgrade where the mood is changing from somber sober to hilariously drunk, proportionately with the number of emptied glasses.

Let it be, but we have our own sources and know that on a drinking bout Vassilev tends to forget his breed and language and starts blabbering in something like pigeon Serbian. Maybe this linguistic bipolar disorder is characteristic of a person who drained and made bankrupt an entire bank and is now hiding out from justice and squirming like a worm trying to blame everybody else. Someone else is to blame, but money doesn’t lie, Mr Vassilev, and you are the man who had pocketed it. You keep bundles under your mattress and toss thousand-dollar bills like napkins in restaurants while people like Ognyan Stefanov are trying to whitewash your reputation.

This bipolar disorder or journalistic schizophrenia is typical of Agent Academician. And of all of the so-called “honest” journalists from the organised media group of the oligarchy. The same Ognyan Stefanov, who only some months ago insinuated that he was to be “suicided” by the prosecution and allegedly by Delyan Peevski himself, today is apparently in good physical shape. We don’t know much about his mental health because his conspiracy theories which he croaked on his Frognews site sound like an old worn-out pipe.        

“It’s a war! A real plot devised to occupy the state is being hatched,” Stefanov cries out on his site and tries to push to us a political scenario a la conspiracy theory spiced with a pinch of cheap humour. It says how some morbid backstage powers behind which stands Delyan Peevski (according to the private journalist of Tsvetan Vassilev) are hatching a coup plot in Bulgaria.

Exactly this utopia is meant to grab the readers with its ambitious overreach and “grand” idea but Agent Academician all of a sudden disproved his own theses. Such is the scenario, but there’s no chance that it will be played out, to say nothing of a happy end. “Happy end” is to be thought of as “happy ever after” for Tsvetan Vassilev, Ivo Prokopiev, Sasho Donchev and all of their “unmercenary” journalists who do their best on the job.

It is apparent that Agent Academician and his near of kin among journalists would welcome the “happy end” for their oligarchic bosses. But we could hardly foretell whether this morbid paid men’s love will end well. We won’t even try to comment the odious insults targeting our media group. Time will show who is right and who is wrong. Obviously, though, it is not typical of the Telegraph Media editions to embrace conspiracy theories, we prefer to work with facts and evidence. And our readers appreciate that. What Agent Academician croaks after emptying half a dozen glasses is not so important.

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