Passion for Minimalism - meeting the multi-faceted creativity of Carles Santos

The Sofia Arsenal - Museum of Contemporary Art has once again opened its doors to visitors in the Bulgarian capital. Local fans of Spanish art can now appreciate in person works by Carles Santos, a multidisciplinary artist from the province of Castello. He is a print artist, an opera and ballet music composer, a playwright.

Due to the restrictions related to the Covid-19 crisis, the exhibition Carles Santos: Passion for Minimalism was opened behind closed doors on 10 March, but it can now be viewed by visitors until 7 June.

Under the slogan “Life is short and art proves to be eternal” (Ausias March), the show presents the artist's multi-faceted body of work, a product of his wild imagination. Carles Santos (1940-2017, village of Vinaros) was a trained classical musician who left a treasure trove of recordings, the result of his work as a composer of film music and screenwriter. His repertoire also includes theatre work, poetry, design, prints and other means of expression through which he channelled his creativity. His path as an artist took him through various art movements ranging from actionism and performance art to musical shows and the opera. His style is characterised by unapologetic non-conformity and defying of the established academic language in a bid to illuminate the problems of his era.

Santos wrote the music to the opening and closing ceremonies of the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona and the opening of the 2001 Valencia Biennial. He is the winner of the 2008 National Music Award of Spain and a multitude of other honours.

The Sofia exhibition is the first event in an entire cultural programme marking the 110th anniversary since the establishment of diplomatic relations between Spain and Bulgaria. It is organised by Instituto Cervantes in Sofia in association with the Caixa Castello Foundation, Caixa Vinaros, Diputacio de Castello and the Jaume I University in the province of Castello.

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