Parrot president

What a pitiful sight – President Rumen Radev, a general of the Bulgarian Army, has turned into a parrot incessantly repeating the mantras created by revenge-seeking indicted oligarchs.

With his outrageous behaviour, he makes a mockery of the dignity and memory of the great Bulgarian generals who made the country proud in battle. If he had any modicum of honour, Radev would take the short walk to the National Assembly, resign and then appear at protests. Instead, like the “shrewd fellow” that he is, he slithers out of his office, issues threats in violation of his duty to represent and unite the entire nation and squawks his repertoire before hopping in his car and going back to his cage in the presidential residence. It is obvious that with their call for presidential republic the people who put him in that cage strive for unchecked power.

The anarcho-communist hype they have created is designed to tear down the parliamentary republic system. No, this is not a push for real change or a show of disrespect towards the institutions, but rather instigation to destroy democracy. Let us put it this way – the salvo fired by Aurora is history, but the dictatorships that were born out of it and cost the lives of millions before getting toppled, including in Bulgaria, seems to be echoing in the sick minds of some people to this day.

Apparently, Radev, who came out of nowhere, is incapable of comprehending that he can be nothing more than a cheap copy of the despots of older times. He is the one who should resign instead of bringing shame to the military on a daily basis by skulking back to his cage, where he was put by the puppeteers of the country’s murky transition-to-democracy period. And he will stay there, eventually judged to have been on the wrong side of history.

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