Parasite website attacks Peevski with fake news

Delyan Peevski

The Fake News Factory has produced its latest signature lie. This time around, its reaches indescribable levels of cynicism as it exploits a topic that should never become the arena of personal attacks. And that is the coronavirus and the strict measures that everyone, institutions and regular citizens alike, need to follow in a concerted effort to fight the global pandemic and its consequences.

The website (translates as “facts”), which draws readers only because it has attached itself like a virus to one of the large e-mail providers in the country, has come out with an “analysis”. The topic it delves into concerns the 16 measures that the Confederation of Employers and Industrialists in Bulgaria (KRIB) proposes in support of businesses. The proposed steps are undoubtedly of significance to regular citizens, as businesses create jobs. Some of the KRIB proposals regard support for the media – print and electronic – with one of the measures envisioning funding for a massive COVID-19 information campaign. This is also important to all Bulgarian citizens, as they follow the situation in Bulgaria and abroad through the media.

In a pathetic new genre that can be qualified as “fake commentary”, however, the aforementioned parasite website writes that the steps to support the media will benefit… lawmaker and Telegraph Media publisher Delyan Peevski. The argument is that “the leading print media outlets” are “controlled by Delyan Peevski”.

This hackneyed talking point is as old as it is false. The publications comprising Telegraph Media are indeed leaders in their field, but that is because they are not linked to either grant funding from abroad or the shady interests of the oligarchs. They rely exclusively on confirmed information and facts, which is appreciated by readers. As for the insinuation that Peevski is somehow a master and commander of the entire Bulgarian press, that fake mantra would have been funny if it was not so impudent. In fact, it is oligarchs like Ivo Prokopiev, Sasho Donchev and Tsvetan Vassilev who control a big chunk of the media (over 60), including national outlets, and use those to spread their talking points. Prokopiev admitted as much with his comment that he “controls the mainstream”. We have written plenty about the ARGO-gate scandal, the meeting at which he uttered those words.

We should also note that the KRIB proposals, in their media section, concern all publications, websites and TV channels in Bulgaria, not only the members of Telegraph Media. Furthermore, that is all they are at this point – proposals that are yet to translate to actual decisions and steps.

This is why the latest insinuation about how “the big bad state supports Peevski” is nothing more than an old, shameless lie. Who has interest in spreading fake news in Bulgaria during a terrifying pandemic gripping the world? Who has interest in repeating old and ridiculous libel about Delyan Peevski? Who benefits from lack of information and attacks on Telegraph Media?

We leave it to our readers to figure out the answer. They are smart enough to see through the behind-the-scenes machinations that have been polluting the media environment in Bulgaria for a long time.

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