PMs Borissov, Netanyahu agree to cooperate in fight against Covid-19

Prime Minister Boyko Borissov had a telephone conversation with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu yesterday. The two leaders agreed to develop closer cooperation and coordination in response to the coronavirus pandemic. The aim is for the two countries to cooperate more actively by exchanging experience and good practices in the fight against Covid-19.

Borissov praised the outstanding results achieved by the State of Israel in the fight against the coronavirus, adding that Bulgaria is the country with the least restrictive measures in the EU while at the same time it manages to control the incidence of the disease.

Borissov and Netanyahu also agreed to work on facilitating travel between the two countries. An opportunity in this direction can be sought, for example, in connection with the vaccination against Covid-19. Borissov expressed his confidence that in the near future Bulgaria and Israel will be able to limit the spread of the pandemic on their territories, and the relations between the two countries will be restored to their previous active level.

During the conversation, the two leaders noted the uptrend in the development of the two countries' relations in a spirit of friendship and mutual trust. Thanks to the joint efforts of the Bulgarian and Israeli PMs, the political relations between the two countries have been intensive and have marked a significant rise in recent years.

PM Borissov expressed his confidence that the active bilateral dialogue is of mutual interest for both countries, which have fruitful cooperation in a number of areas, including at the international level.

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