Orban: We will not let LGBTQ activists into schools

Hungarian PM Viktor Orban said on Thursday that EU efforts to force Hungary to abandon a new law banning the promotion of homosexuality in schools would be in vain. His government will not allow LGBTQ activists into schools, Orban said cited by Reuters.

He was speaking on the day the new law entered into force. It bans schools from using materials seen as promoting homosexuality and gender reassignment, and says under-18s cannot be shown pornographic content. It also proposes setting up a list of groups allowed to hold sex education sessions in schools.

"The European Parliament and the European Commission want that we let LGBTQ activists and organisations into the kindergartens and schools. Hungary does not want that," Orban said on his official Facebook page. The issue was one of national sovereignty, he said. "Brussels bureaucrats have no business at all, no matter what they do we will not let LGBTQ activists among our children."

EC President Ursula von der Leyen warned Hungary on Wednesday it must repeal the legislation or face the full force of EU law. But Orban said only Hungary had the right to decide on how children should be raised and educated.

The law, which critics say wrongly conflates paedophilia with LGBT+ issues, has prompted protests in Hungary. Rights groups have called on Orban's Fidesz party to withdraw the bill. The Commission has opened an inquiry into it.

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