On the flipside

Deyan Yanev, 2015

Little Bird Place Gallery presents in Sofia an exhibition of selected works from the contemporary art collection of Nikolay Nedelchev. From 18 May to 6 June, visitors to the gallery can see artworks by Kolio Karamfilov, Deyan Yanev, Dimitar Genchev, Stanimir Genov, Rositsa Getsova, Ivo Bistrichki, Sirma Sarafova - Orahovac, Vikenti Komitski, Stela Vasileva, Krassimir Krastev - RASSIM, Lyuben Petrov, Yuliy Takov, Kalina Mavrodieva, Gabriela Toncheva.

The exhibition presents a collection of stories, united by the inherent in each of us urge to dream, to transcend the immediate reality and to leap over to other, unknown worlds and ecosystems - regardless of them being actually physically accessible or created by our imagination.

On the flipside, the curatorial project reflects the path of the collector Nikolay Nedelchev, the natural development of his aesthetic perception and taste for art, his flair for works with history.

Curators are Teodora Konstantinova and Kossara Konstantinova.

The exhibition is a result of the curators' current work, inventorying Nikolay Nedelchev's large-scale collection of contemporary art.

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