On offensive against Delyan Peevski: Prokopiev and his balls on hire

The only difference between Prokopiev and the gangsters is that the latter behave gentlemanly

Ivo Prokopiev

Unesteemed Mr Prokopiev, I address you directly. This is the proper way. It is not gentlemanly of you to hide behind the back of journalist Venelina Popova from Stara Zagora. The freelance journalist working for one of your media outlets. Is that true?

It is not that I want to injure her. This is a quite obvious fact and I won’t comment on it further. You understand, don’t you, that if tomorrow I lose my mind all of sudden and start writing laudatory articles about you or some of the numerous organisations which service your interests then the “freelance” definition would not save me from falling from grace. Relax, there’s no chance that I will get that far!

I know that you have a habit of hiding behind some journalist (male or female) with balls which you obviously don’t have. These are people whose morals are bendable enough to undersign a text which perfectly fits into the mixed chorus of the Capital circle and the mission it is tasked with every month – to shoot down donor Delyan Peevski. I would like to address an inconvenient question to you. When you yourself will start making donations? Or, going further back in time, when will you return the money with which you lined your pockets? I do not admire your career and to me you are not a standard of honour but asking inconvenient questions is part of my profession. I have asked such questions other gangsters too – members of organised crime groups, who are much scarier than some privatiser and publisher. And do you know what the difference is between you and them? The difference is just one but it is important – they treat journalists who criticise and expose them gentlemanly. Whereas you really go into hysterics but do not face this challenge. You prefer to use other people for voicing your own opinion.

I have been watching you for years and have noticed this tendency of yours not once. I remember how you and Ivan Kostov rebuffed the attack against a large crime group which had to be exterminated for clearing a niche for the business of others. I also remember the editor-in-chief who you planted in CASH in order to ruin a competing weekly. And now it continues to work for you “on a freelance basis”. I remember a conversation with your wife, Galya Prokopieva who invited me to work for her. I declined the offer, as you know. There is no offer that would lure me to work for your team and there will never be. I know what you and your freelancers on call are worth.

Until the day before yesterday I wasn’t aware that there is such a site – For Truth. Most probably because of its strategy – to pretend to be “independent”. It has some touch points with your financing but who cares. It was not part of the Big Family. Well, now it is. Officially. Apparently, the broad media coalition of the Capital circle has received instructions because now it is widely circulated. I haven’t seen it only in cooking forums.

As you love talking about monopolies how would you explain the common interests and common policy aimed at “shooting down the enemy” pursued by the sites and newspapers which formally have different publishers, such as Dnevnik, Capital, Mediapool, Club Z, Sega, Frognews, Free Europe (anti-Bulgarian desk), plus now For Truth which in recent days has been springing from where not, even from the latest interview in Deutsche Welle (another anti-Bulgarian desk?). Would you like to calculate together with me what percentage share of media concentration you hold along with all these media outlets? I read various reports written by the freelancers working for you where they talk about “media monopoly”. I am not as good at math as you are, especially when it involves money that can be absorbed or handed out with somebody’s help. This is easy, gifted money. But why should I explain that to you, you know it better than me. If you don’t make difference between the granted and gifted money I can explain it to you. In an open and fair conversation, not through mediators behind whose backs you are hiding. 

I am aware that you don’t have enough courage to face me and tell publicly in no uncertain terms where the shoe pinches. But nothing disappears without a trace, Mr Prokopiev. Much to your regret! Unlike those who write at you dictation I have been watching you for years. And I won’t use capital letters addressing you because I have no respect whatsoever for people like you.

I have nothing to tell the journalist from Stara Zagora. I have been practicing the profession of a journalist since 1991 but until the day before yesterday I have never heard of her. We both won the Panitsa award. I also have many other awards and I published two books, so there is no need in comparing our achievements. With my name and journalistic experience I have nothing against meeting face to face with any of the handpicked freelancers of Ivo Prokopiev and discuss such notions as morals and honour.                     

Neither have I anything to tell the author of the interview with her in Deutsche Welle, Georgi Lozanov. I think that the weeds carefully cultivated on the state’s feeding rack don’t need additional feeding. The “bow-tie man” is one of them. I have found the way for dealing with such “irritants”. The day before yesterday I accidentally saw him on some TV, don’t remember what exactly. I switched to another channel at once. Maybe the “bow-tie man” also became a freelance journalist on Prokopiev’s payroll. Along with all other known and unknown “heroes” of the journalistic guild who lowered the level of this profession to their own standards and dependencies. And, as long as we are discussing this topic, I and my colleagues think that there’s no need in further commenting these “heroes” because, no matter where from they spring, it is clear that their only role is to be your “balls on hire” and to say things which you yourself don’t dare saying openly and frankly. Because when the publisher of Telegraph Media whom you bespatter with your balls on hire wants to say what he thinks about the oligarchs he says it with his face open. When will you do the same? We are looking forward to seeing it although it will hardly ever happen.

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