Oligarchy with elevator fantasy against Delyan Peevski (part 2): You do not have real facts? Then just concoct them!

Recipe №1: Take a piece of truth and add a spoonful of imagination

Recipe №2: Keep the truth in the freezer

Recipe №3: You do not have real facts? Then just concoct them!

In 2016, the East StratCom Task Force, designed especially by the EC in order to count disinformation coming from Russian State, Russian sources and other manipulation campaigns, which are spreading the public domain in the EU Member States, has formulated these three main "recipes" under which the fake news items should be stirred and spread. Ingredients of the recipes, which do not differ much from those used in the past by the totalitarian services, including by the State Security in Bulgaria, were described in one of the weekly bulletins of this special unit of the EC. With a detailed explanation and samples for each of the recipes. Thus, according to the East StratCom Task Force, the first type of misinformation is based on current facts, which are distorted and associated with fictional plots. The second type of propaganda is based again on current topics, but it replaces completely the facts with lies. What about the third one? He is the most curious. "This type of misinformation is just making up stories. The only purpose is the prejudices of the different nations to be exploited,” reads the description of the special unit.

Four years later, the manipulations on "recipe" described in the bulletin continue to flood the public domain in the EU Member States, including our country. There is a significant difference, though - a serious Bulgarian contribution to the recipes. Mix 3 in 1 – i.e. propaganda stories that combine ingredients from the three different recipes above.

Exactly the same mixed "recipe" was spread in our country the last several weeks. By a group of individuals, who are seriously tied with the oligarch-publishers’ circle, but pretending to be "independent" – this is the so-called Anti-Corruption Fund. They are pushing to us “investigation” in the form of videos, which do not meet any standards for journalism, much less for investigative one. These videos were produced by the supposedly independent former employee of scandalously acquitted at first instance, but still indicted oligarch Ivo Prokopiev - Nikolay Staykov. Moreover, with the rest of a grant, coming from the pockets of American taxpayers and given for production of truly objective investigations. They were not given for throwing propaganda in public, the main purpose of which being to bespatter some person’s names, in order to serve the behind-the-scenes’ interests, wanting our society to be captive to manipulation, rather than to truth, rule of law and justice.

So, this same independent group of "anti-corruption fighters", after releasing a publication at the end of June (see here) covering only fantasy criteria due to the complete lack of evidence (not only because of the funny name "The Eight Dwarfs"), which are supposed to support the plot told by their source, released today Part two as a sequel. It is devoid of evidence again by the part of the elevator fantasy’s authors and it is based on insinuations.

What is it about?

Despite of the fact how much the authors are trying to make the story look complex and "describing corruption schemes at the highest level", it is still based on a handful of proven facts - no more or less of it. The whole thing is rooted in a family drama, and more specifically – the war over the family-run empire Izamet, (the country’s largest producer of elevators) between the elevator king Ilia Zlatanov, on the one hand, and his son Yavor, his wife Yulia, his daughter Proletina and her husband Mahmud Bedir, and two more persons on the other hand, resulting in their arrests based on alerts made by Zlatanov himself. The seizure of an entire fleet of luxury cars, 35 kg of gold, as well as over a half a million in euro during the police raids. And Zlatanov has fled abroad. The so-called "investigation" as a whole was based solely on Zlatanov's allegations and chats, statements and alerts given by him. So far with the facts.

What follows is a mystification that fully complies with the disinformation recipes described by the East StratCom Task Force. Zlatanov claims before the so-called Anti-Corruption Fund that he contributed to the arrests of his family not in the official way - he sought the help of the former investigator and current lawyer Petar Petrov for money under the table. The latter firstly “took care” for the family members to be arrested through "his relationship in the Prosecutor’s Office." After which, he was "stolen" his business and gold - by misleading him firstly to sign documents, and then by threatening him. To top it all, Zlatanov binded together different names to the whole mystification on the principle "somebody said". Somebody told him that he had to say goodbye to his business and gold because it "had to be given" to other people. Which ones? Well - to the enemies of the oligarchs, led by Ivo Prokopiev&Co., with which the Anti-Corruption Fund allegedly has no ties. Dispute of the fact that the “investigation” author is a former employer of Prokopiev.

So, the first in the list pointed out by Zlatanov, not only without any evidence, but also retransmitting words for which he claims they were allegedly uttered by other people and notice that - without any specific names, is the MP and publisher of Telegraph Media Delyan Peevski. Do you remember recipe №3?

There are no facts. There are no documents too. Attaching the names is not supported by any evidence. There is no position of the persons concerned too. All is based on descriptive statements, launched by the mainstream media machine of oligarch-publishers, part of which is the author of the fantasy himself, as well as the NGO producing it. It is based also on the transparent words pushing people to the plot. Words uttered by a man, who wants the viewers of this mystification to believe that he was told to jump from the eighth floor and he really did it. No this stops the Anti-Corruption Fund to offer everything with claims for investigation. Being dumbfounded by the whole avalanche of questions, which Zlatanov-Senior's allegations raise. For example, where does the family have such assets from? Did Zlatanov-Senior really flee abroad because of a threat to his life (as he claims) or because he is wanted in Bulgaria for his distrains and debts? And to what extent is it legal at all to take the matter into his own hands related to his family "in no official way ", offering, a benefit (fee) against arrests, if we assume that he is telling the truth. We are not going even to raise the question of how moral it is. Because there is no morality in this story. Neither on the part of the interviewee, nor on the part of the interviewer. While the investigation of the Prosecutor's Office, which filed a complaint after the first series of this slander mix, will still clarify from now on whether the interviewee is a kind of carp who simply believed someone's lies or he is the author of the lies themselves, involved in another conspiracy of the oligarchs to bespatter people. Those people, who prevent them to make their tricky deals (editor’s note: applause for the so-called investigation on the part of the gambling tsar, who damaged the state treasury to the tune of BGN 700m and charger with 18 accusations Vassil Bozhkov decline the scales to the second version), the authors' motives are extremely clear, given to their ties with the oligarchy.

They are participants in another Russian-style propaganda campaign, created by behind-the-scenes clique. With other people’s money. So transparent propaganda, that even Prokopiev's mainstream media machine became dumbfounded, reprinting the second part of the elevator fantasy only in part and without using the names thrown in the air, but releasing the whole video. Enough to report to the boss, that they have released his new order, claiming to be a journalism, but in fact presenting nothing more than a set of slanders.

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