Oligarchy triumvirate attacks Peevski

The natural gas tycoon Sasho Donchev’s negligible website spread this piece of fake news

Ivo Prokopiev, Sasho Donchev and Ognyan Donev (L-R).

Another piece of fake news, which was concocted by the oligarchy, alleging that PM Boyko Borissov and the MP and publisher of Telegraph Media Delyan Peevski are in factual diarchy, was posted on the negligible website Sega owned by the natural gas tycoon Sasho Donchev. Etymology of the term “diarchy” comes from ancient Greek and means a form of governing in which two people rule together having equal powers.

Historically, the diarchy rule system is known from ancient Sparta, Rome and Carthage, as well as the former German monarchies, India and the Dacian tribes. The term is also known as a system of shared rule by two individuals.

The negligible website in question uses correctly the term duumvirate (from Latin duo - two and vir - man), which is an equivalent to the Greek "diarchy" and presents a coruling, with two individuals ruling the state together or common  property of  two men. The most popular example of such ruling are the consuls in ancient Rome, but the website Sega fails to note another system which is not less popular - triumvirate. The term from Latin (triumvirate - tres viri "three men" or triumviri), denotes an alliance ruled by three political or military leaders with equal powers.

In the specific case now, triumvirate presents the alliance of publishers, consisting of the natural gas tycoon Sasho Donchev along with the indicted oligarchs Ivo Prokopiev and the pharmaceutical boss Ognyan Donev.

What unites Donchev and Donev in the only triumvirate of the oligarchy in our country is not only the fact that they are integral part of Ivo Prokopiev's mainstream media machine. The three figures in question were gifted the lion's share of the Bulgarian economy by the Former PM Ivan Kostov. The latter granted Kaolin and quartz sand to Prokopiev, the gas supply to Donchev and the pills to Donev. As for the terms duumvirate and diarchy, there is a significant discrepancy in the example, which was given by the negligible website Sega. The fact is that Boyko Borissov is legally elected prime minister, but the website of the gas tycoon somehow conveniently forgets that Delyan Peevski is an MP from the opposition party Movement for Rights and Freedoms, which is not in government.

Concoctions like this reveal only one thing– the fugitive banker Tsvetan Vassilev has run out of money and the financial support of the mainstream media machine, which is serving the oligarchy, has to be undertaken by the triumvirate. Here is the blue fuel lord Sasho Donchev, who likes to exert pressure over the state and his muddy schemes have long been known. The gas affair scandal is indicative for the above, where he firstly exerted pressured over the then Prosecutor General Sotir Tsatsarov making him influence prosecutors who were investigating that affair and later began to trumpet through media outlets that he was actually the one under pressure. Prokopiev's fake news factory and the media outlets of the rest “corulers” of the triumvirate, then spread promptly a video material, where Sasho Donchev was slandering Sotir Tsatsarov. Definitely, it was not difficult to distinguish the puppet-players, who peeked behind the shadowy clique - indicted oligarchs Prokopiev and Donev, their party explication in the face of Hristo Ivanov and last but not least - the fugitive banker Tsvetan Vassilev. What stays then behind this attempt for subversive actions against the state, became clear in a short press release of the Prosecutor's office, which stated that the Supreme Administrative Prosecutor's Office has filed the decision by which the State Agency of Energy Regulation increased the price only of natural gas by nearly 30% from 1 April 2017.

With its newly concocted piece of fake news, the negligible website Sega contents for the Palme d'Or with another similar publication - Mediapool which is issued by the former MP Ivan Kostov's spokesperson - Stoyana Georgieva, notorious for being the Godmother of the Fake News Factory. Few years ago, she became well known all over the European Union after fabricating another fake news item that the European Commission had claimed for resignation of the then-Prosecutor General Sotir Tsatsarov. This lie was rejected by the then Vice-President of EC Frans Timmermans who had to explain that there was nothing of this kind.

On 21 May now, on Stoyana Georgieva’s website and on the website of the indicted Ivo Prokopiev, at one and the same time the false news item broke, fabricated by the Donchev’s publication Sega, that the EC had no taken decision for lifting the monitoring. The concocted information was immediately picked up by the mainstream media machine through the websites of the rest oligarchs and dropped even to the level of bTV, recently proved to be a Cable TV and already known even as Bozhkov TV.

The entire mainstream media machine was adamant that the EC is giving a very clear signal that if firstly the anti-reforms in the justice system are not terminated, monitoring will not be lifted, and something more, it will be continued resulting most probably with a rather negative new report. This is not true at all, but the very interpretation of Prokopiev's media outlets sound absurdly. However, the purpose can easily be guessed here as well - after the EC decided to lift the monitoring last year as Bulgaria has shown both the results and the necessary will to cope with the problems in the justice system, the NGOs surrounding Prokopiev&Co tried to put a hand on the new monitoring mechanism, which will now be valid for all Member States.

As for the natural gas tycoon Sasho Donchev himself, who hates to be defined as oligarch and use to condemn all media which show the truth, including Telegraph media, we can ask the minister of justice Danail Kirilov, whose resignation the blue fuel boss requested as soon as the false monitoring news was circulated. "I am not going to resign because of a concocted intrigue, which was spread by the publication of the natural gas oligarch and related to monitoring of the EC." This was stated on BNT air by minister Kirilov a day after the attack of triumvirate, which was carried out through the negligible website of Donchev, referring to the fake news item fabricated by Sega publication and inflated by the mainstream media machine of Ivo Prokopiev. He clarified also that in this intrigue the Capital circle has committed a perversion. Brussels also had to refute another piece of fake news concocted by the oligarchy in order to attack the Bulgarian state.

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