Oligarchy makes fuss about nothing

Its latest fabrications are yet another attempt to block Delyan Peevski’s candidacy for Brussels

Certain famed “fighters” for democracy and justice (and nice paychecks) have been in a strange position for years. Other people busily hand them reports and false information that they, just like regular apprentices, run from one institution to the next to submit – content that someone else authored – in exchange of payment. Since its very inception, the NGO Boets (Bulgarian for “fighter”) has been clearly showing one thing – it will serve those who pay the most. The organisation is not even ashamed to disseminate photos of its chairperson alongside the fugitive banker Tsvetan Vassilev, who is being tried for the engineered failure of CorpBank.

If Boets has a faulty memory, we are happy to remind it – CoprBank collapsed because Vassilev treated the lender as a personal ATM and spent depositors’ money on billions in loans to his shell companies, which have not been able to return the money to this day. Because of this monstrous fraudulent scheme the state was forced to loan several billions of levs to the Bulgarian Deposit Insurance Fund so it can repay the depositors defrauded by Vassilev. Well, not all of them. Thousands of people out there are still hoping to get their savings back. Because of Vassilev’s fraud, the government practically provided funding that would have been enough to build a highway or dozens of new hospitals and schools.

These are facts that Boets conveniently forgets; perhaps because that short memory benefits those who pay and order the organisation about. The NGO has also scrubbed from its memory the fact that another indicted oligarch, Ivo Prokopiev, practically erased an entire town from the map of Bulgaria with his greed. The population of Merichleri saw an epidemic of oncological cases as a result of contamination of the tap water with arsenic. What was the source? Prokopiev unscrupulously ordered that his workers violate legal restrictions and dig for kaolin much deeper than what was permitted.

Speaking of Kaolin, if you happen to pass through the small town of Vetovo, you will hear local murmurings about how Prokopiev bought the mining company for cents on the dollar with the blessing of former PM Ivan Kostov and instead of developing the business he has been amassing millions on the back of his workers. But that is how Prokopiev treats all of his employees – several years ago he pledged as collateral not only the desks and computers of Economedia but its editorial policy too. In other words – his bet his journalists, who, champions of freedom of speech that they are, meekly accepted to be categorised as tangible assets pledged as loan collateral. Prokopiev’s unscrupulousness does not end here. He is currently on trial, alongside two former ministers, for defrauding the revenue in the sale of the remaining state-owned stake in the power distributing company EVN. At the end, even what little money they got was placed under the control of Minister Traycho Traykov instead of, as it should have, in the Silver Fund, which partially pays for the pensions of our grandmothers and grandfathers.

You will never hear about these facts from Boets. The NGO is too busy reporting to institutions information fabricated in Prokopiev’s office and probably dictated by another controversial figure – the failed politician and minister of justice Hristo Ivanov. There, in the private space of Prokopiev’s office, behind closed doors, dark schemes are devised and appalling manipulations are concocted so that they can be then disseminated by NGOs like Boets or the oligarchy’s puppets in the judicial system like the head of the Supreme Court of Cassation Lozan Panov, as evidenced on 9 May (see here). All these attacks target the same person – lawmaker of the opposition party Movement for Rights and Freedoms and Telegraph Media publisher Delyan Peevski. The goal is to prevent Peevski from running for the upcoming EP elections. The idea is to deprive people of the chance to vote for him because if he is eligible people will elect him as an MEP. Over the years, he has proven capable of winning voters’ confidence and trust. He is also adept at combating the behind-the-scenes clique – through legislative initiatives and his Telegraph Media publications, which have always given voice to the truth. The abovementioned frauds, about which Boets so conveniently forgets, were exposed by none other than Peevski and his media.

This bothers the oligarchy so they are looking for ways to throw a wrench into Peevski’s candidacy for the EP – hence, fabrications like the report Boets filed with the Central Election Commission and the Supreme Administrative Court alleging that the lawmaker does not meet the legal requirements for MEP. This assertion was rejected by both institutions as categorically false. And let us not forget the falsified flight data concerning Peevski that the website Bivol, which has ties to the Kremlin, published in service of the behind-the-scenes players. The public consciousness is bombarded with one lie after another by the “fighters” on call and the oligarchs’ media on a daily basis.

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