Oligarch Prokopiev threatens to take power within weeks

Nikolay Barekov makes a new attempt to reach the beach occupied by the kaolin boss

Ivo Prokopiev

The indicted oligarch for criminal privatisation Ivo Prokopiev has boasted that he is "taking power in a few weeks and then will rule the country with his friends from SIC party (SIC is a former protection racket group – editor’s note)". This was announced by the former MEP and current leader of the Anti-Corruption Front Nikolay Barekov in a live Facebook post on Wednesday. A day after he tried to reach the beach occupied by Ivo Prokopiev near Budjaka area rocks, Barekov tried to land there with a catamaran.

However, it turned out to be impossible, because, with foresight, in the water around the haciendas of Ivo Prokopiev and one of his main "blades" in Economedia Yovo Nikolov fishing nets were stretched, which stop the boats from reaching the shore. According to Barekov, who announced his boat trip a day earlier, in addition to the fishing nets, Prokopiev had prepared another barrier against uninvited guests – a private security. The live of the former MEP shows that one of the paths leading to Budjaka beach is guarded by about twenty heavily built boys who have stretched their towels on the rocks as a camouflage that they are sunbathing. In fact, they stayed upright on the rocks for over an hour (as long as Barekov's walk around Budjaka lasted – editor’s note), while one of them was watching something on his phone. According to Barekov, the young man was following his Facebook live in order to be prepared in case he decides to land on the shore.

During his live broadcast, Barekov also announced that after his action on Tuesday, which revealed that Prokopiev had not only taken over the beach, but he even released a sewage pipe into the sea, Barekov received many warnings. One of them came from a "close friend". In a Facebook message, he warned him that Prokopiev was unhappy with his actions and therefore "bad things are going to happen to him and his family." Barekov also explained that on Wednesday morning there were massive inspections of the boats in this area in order to be found out who provided a vessel to the former MEP. He threatened to contact the authorities because of the threats as well.

"Prokopiev and his new SIC party cannot threaten me. The old politicians of the transition to democracy period tried to ride the protests and thus they polluted their civic energy. Possibly, the boys who gathered there are sympathisers of Prokopiev's new SIC party. Prokopiev himself has an influence on the Ministry of Interior, secret services and the whole state - from Madzho to PM Boyko Borissov," Barekov explained further.

During his live Facebook post, several people appeared on the beach, for whom the former MEP pointed out that they were in fact the oligarch Ivo Prokopiev and his family, who came to the beach to pamper themselves with champagne and black caviar, while the Bulgarian people do not have access to the coast.

A day earlier, in a live Facebook broadcast lasting more than an hour, Barekov showed how the kaolin king blocked the most picturesque corner of the peninsula - the rocks of the German, enclosing with massive fences the free access not only to them but also to the sea. The route to the beach can be passed only along a dangerous steep path, which, on the top of all that, turned out to be flowed with wastewater from the oligarch's domain for years. An urgent attempt was also made to erase the faecal leak by covering it with cement on Monday night.

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