Oligarch Bozhkov attacks establishment

He is following in the footsteps of the Bulgarian Madoff by spreading malicious reports on Facebook

Vasil Bozhkov, the oligarch charged with 11 counts, including tax evasion to the tune of BGN 700m, has launched yet another attack against the establishment. Once again, his target became Minister of Finance Vladislav Goranov, who last week was the subject of a smear campaign by Bozhkov.

The latest attack was conducted through a Facebook page most likely ran by Nove Holding. Two text-message conversations alleged to have taken place between Bozhkov and someone popping up with the name Vladi Goranov were published there. The numbers of the phones through which the communication was carried out are not shown and so there is no way of telling whether these were actual exchanges between these two people. The text messages, if real, show the participants talking about Bozhkov’s gambling business, but featured no advice from Goranov to Bozhkov for the latter to not pay taxes – something that the gambling tzar claimed last week had happened.

A week ago, the indicted Bozhkov tried to destabilise the cabinet by using the convenient platform of bTV to hurl accusations at Minister of Finance Vladislav Goranov, saying that the latter advised him not to pay nearly BGN 700m in taxes accumulated by his gambling business. The allegations were immediately denied by Goranov as well as PM Boyko Borissov – both officials describing them as fabrications and an attack launched by Bozhkov in order to save himself. What Bozhkov’s interview managed to reveal, though, was that his goal is to destabilise the country. It is an old adage that when a finance minister is ousted, the entire government soon follows. It explains why the gambling tzar targeted Goranov, experts say. The ensuing string of disturbing TV appearances (of Nove Holding, owned by Bozhkov, and of Sasho Dikov, Tsvetan Vassilev’s minion) show that the main goal of the indicted conspirators is to cut off the head of the state

The new attack comes after the oligarchs’ attempts to soak the square outside the National Assembly in Sofia in blood failed and the indicted Vasil Bozhkov revealed his intention to continue his campaign against the establishment. That particular message came after two days in which the gambling tzar, together with Tsvetan Vassilev, made attempts to undermine the cabinet – first with a scene caused by puppet journalist Sasho Dikov outside the Council of Ministers headquarters and then by sending their puppets paid with Russian money to protest outside the parliament. Now Bozhkov seems to have reverted back to tried-and-tested KGB methods – attacks through malicious reports.

Several hours after the protest organised outside the parliament by the newly fledged Russophile Kostadin Kostadinov, aka Kopekin, dissolved, Nove Holding sent a letter to the media claiming that the indicted Bozhkov intended to file a report with Bulgarian and international institutions. It was not made clear what that complaint would be about, but it was revealed that “a small portion of the evidence compiled for the report” would be published on Bozhkov’s Facebook page at 8 a.m. on Friday.

A similar threat-riddled scheme was employed several years ago by the fugitive banker Tsvetan Vassilev who syphoned off billions from CorpBank. As soon as it became clear that he would have to answer for the heist of the century, he started spreading messages through journalists on the take that he would make “evidence” against his enemies public. The attack was joined by his paid minions from the NGO Boets, whose leader Georgi Georgiev was photographed with Vassilev and a black file in Belgrade. However, the diversion tactics of the fugitive banker failed and so the Bulgarian Madoff has now obviously directed his efforts towards toppling the cabinet in cooperation with Vasil Bozhkov, the two of them paying for public protests with money they stole.

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