North Macedonia’s former top prosecutor jailed for corruption

A court in North Macedonia on Thursday jailed a former top anti-corruption prosecutor Katica Janeva for seven years after she was found guilty of accepting bribes and luxury gifts as part of an extortion scheme, news wires reported.

A Skopje court convicted Janeva of sharing a payment of € 1.5m with a middleman who obtained it from a businessman in exchange for keeping him abreast of the inquiry against him and releasing him from detention. TV personality, recording artist and businessman Bojan Jovanovski, who was arrested as the middleman in the alleged extortion scheme, received a nine-year sentence. Janeva will remain under house arrest pending an appeal. She has denied any wrongdoing.

High-level corruption cases have fueled years of political turmoil in the Balkan country and are cited as being a key obstacle to its hopes of joining the EU.

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