North Macedonia reimposes lockdown measures

Government of North Macedonia has ordered a full 80-hour lockdown of the capital Skopje, and the towns of Tetovo, Kumanovo and Štip, after another worrying peak in infections over the past few days, Balkan Insight reported. On Wednesday, North Macedonia registered a new peak of 101 infections, which was close to the previous peak of 107 infections recorded on 16 April, which many thought would not be repeated.

The same lockdown measures will apply to few rural municipalities. In the rest of the country, the government has reintroduced previously scrapped evening curfews, which start at 9 pm and end in the early morning.

According to The Public Health Institute on Thursday, the number of new cases in the past 24 hours had already reached 110, with the possibility of a further rise during the day as more test results become available. Since the start of the pandemic, a total of 2,492 people have been infected of whom 1604 have since recovered. The country has marked 145 deaths and has 742 active cases.

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