North Macedonian parliament dissolves, sets early election

North Macedonia’s parliament was dissolved on Sunday, ahead of an early election, set for 12 April, news wires reported. Before the move the parliament passed the bill on public prosecution office, which was part of the reforms requested by the EU for opening accession negotiations and the law on defence, connected with adjustment of the legislation for the accession to NATO.

All major political parties in December agreed to the early election proposed by then PM Zoran Zaev after France, supported by Denmark and the Netherlands, vetoed the opening of accession talks between the European Union and North Macedonia. A caretaker government of technicians was installed in January to ensure a free and fair vote.

Zaev had voiced “disappointment and outrage” over the EU decision, but France insisted its aim was to overhaul the accession process and not dispute North Macedonia’s suitability. Earlier this month, the European Commission proposed an overhaul in the process of adding new members, in a bid to remove France’s objections to opening talks with Albania and North Macedonia. The Commission is hoping a breakthrough on accession talks can be achieved in March. The bloc also has a major summit in the Western Balkans planned for May in Zagreb.


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