Nomenclature offspring talks about Delyan Peevski

Inveterate liar Evgeniy Daynov has a trick – pretending to be a democrat

Evgeniy Daynov

The heirs to the communist nomenclature have their favourite pastime – talking about democracy. It sounds cynical and arrogant coming out of their mouths. It is also extremely hypocritical. A typical representative of this trend is the inveterate liar Evgeniy Daynov, who never strays away from the tradition of sowing malicious reports in order to reap trouble.

In a think piece for the political website openDemocracy, which is known to have been serving the behind-the-scenes clique in Bulgaria, the disheveled bard is messing around with his guitar and humming some song about democracy in Poland and Hungary being suffocated. True to the principle of making up global conspiracies and trying to pass as a smart man, Daynov strikes a particular cord. He stirs up a concoction of civil society, human rights, people with unconventional sexual orientation, mainstream televisions and “independent anchors” and hallucinates about political prisoners.       

As he lays out his convoluted thoughts, Daynov does not miss the chance for to include a verbal drive-by shooting against lawmaker and Telegraph Media publisher Delyan Peevski in his piece – with a blatant lie, at that. According to this completely lost individual, Prime Minister Boyko Borissov supposedly formed a union with Peevski and former prosecutor general Sotir Tsatsarov following Borissov’s return to power in 2014. As a result, the majority of public procurement tenders were supposedly rigged in favour of Peevski-controlled companies, while “regular consultations” with the prosecutor general were held every Wednesday.

We have no idea what is behind the peculiar gleam in the eyes of this bard of democracy born in the village of Mindya, but his inebriated babble sure does stink. Recycled, regurgitated and repeated a number of times, Daynov’s words reveal the messed-up personality of a good-for-nothing, who is incapable of finding a purpose in life and engages in posturing while he stumbles along.

For those who are unfamiliar with the biography of this shameless liar posing as a devout democrat, let us remind who he is and where he comes from. The fact that his father, Alexander Daynov, was a permanent correspondent for the newspaper Rabotnichesko Delo to Moscow (1961-1965) and then London (1971-1977) has marked the entire biography of Evgeniy Daynov. At a time when Evgeniy’s peers (having a Russian name has not prevented the liar from passing himself off as the latest in a long line of Russophobes in his family) could not afford to leave the country, he had enough connections to get the chance for secondary education at the Forest Hill School in London, where he founded his first ever rock band, Loose Change. Meanwhile, people who listened to western music were persecuted in Bulgaria during that same period. Daynov, of course, just kept on messing around on his guitar, unmoved by the plight of his countrymen. In 1976, thanks to an Inner London Education Authority scholarship, the son of Alexander Daynov got admitted to the Corpus Christi College of the University of Oxford, where he earned a degree in modern history. In 1984 he became a PhD candidate in history studies, whose thesis was entitled “The French Communist Party and the problem of political union (1972-1981).” It is only normal for someone who was raised to believe in the communist ideas would choose such a topic, right? What is not normal, however, is for the same person to pose as an anti-communist and a democrat some years later.

Daynov became an assistant lecturer at the Sofia University “St Kliment Ohridski” in 1985 and during the school year of 1985-1986 he served as a visiting professor at the St Antony's College of the University of Oxford. He specialised in Paris under the mentorship of Prof. Alain Lanclos. Daynov’s own new history started following the 1990s, when he began to present himself as a democrat and a Russophobe. Every few months he feels like donning the political analyst hat and spewing some wisdom. It is not immediately clear what stirred his passion this particular time, but two of the comments left under his analysis in the aforementioned oligarchy-affiliated website are especially accurate, so let us quote them: “One of the sons of the communist nomenclature is sitting up here, talking to us about democracy. It is people like him who have been and continue to be an obstacle to a quick and decisive transition to democracy in Bulgaria. It is such smear campaigns that show us who is who in Bulgaria. So, these things can be blessings in disguise.”

Someone with username Bulgaran Evropeyski (meaning Bulgarian European) is even more adamant in his comment: “This is a quite weak attempt by Daynov to lump Bulgaria with the leftist hatred for Poland and Hungary. All the market losers are spawned in a grant-funded campus environment created by the charitable efforts of the ‘obnoxious fascist capitalists’ and lots of marihuana.”    

How is democracy ruined? Is Daynov really the guy asking this question? His case is pretty obvious. Democracy in Bulgaria happened despite people like him. The heirs to the communist nomenclature have no right to talk about democracy. They took everything they could from the previous regime. And they better stay there instead of lying and posing as democrats.

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