New minion of oligarch Bozhkov, agent Sasho, dishes out yet another serving of lies about Peevski

The eminent State Security agent Ilian Vassilev who is a part of the mainstream run by indicted oligarch Ivo Prokopiev has lamented for the collection of Vasil Bozhkov and served him to the fullest just like a loyal minion. All facts show that fugitive banker Tsvetan Vassilev who syphoned off CorpBank has downsized the tranches he used to send to the net of State Security agents.

There is no other way to explain all of the smug the secret agent of the State Security showed trying to defend the indicted oligarch Vasil Bozhkov who is hiding from justice in Dubai.

In his heart-rending post readily reproduced by Tsvetan Vassilev’s press centre, Frognews, run by another eminent State Security agent Ognyan Stefanov (aka agent Academician) Sasho is telling tall stories for gullible readers: how the collection of his new patron has to go to posterity despite the lavish lifestyle of the oligarch – yachts, mistresses, deluxe realty abroad, which Sasho himself admits in his post. Similar to his mentor, Ilian Vassilev conveniently omits to mention that the larger part of this collection actually is not registered and doesn’t say a word about the fact that it was made owing to BGN 700m in unpaid taxes for his gambling business as well as racket, extortions and murders.

Of course, Sasho did not forget to pay his respect and show loyalty to Prokopiev. The agent curries favour with the Kaolin mining company’s owner who, in his opinion, is as bright as a new pin. He tries to present him as a victim because the distrains by the Anti-Corruption Commission for Illegal Assets Forfeiture (ACCIAF) were imposed due to his media and not because of his shady affairs with money laundering involving Kaolin.

Prokopiev’s and his wife’s property worth BGN 200m is under strain because of company assets of unknown origin. The wealth has obviously been accumulated owing to Kaolin, one of the most generous gifts handed out by the Commander of the murky transition, Ivan Kostov. His rule was permeated with corruption, cronyism, mafia-style privatisation and imposition of a “parallel state” model. As well as the invasion of cohorts of former cops who the Commander planted on key positions so that they could take over the key sectors of economy and politics.

The point is that the agent does not forget to spew out lies targeting lawmaker and Publisher of Telegraph Media Delyan Peevski, first of all because of his donation campaign launched for saving human lives in the battle against coronavirus. These lies are presented as completely polished-off essay of an agent and the lead officers of the First Main Directorate of the State Security (the foreign political intelligence of the regime) could only envy being proud of their admirable scholar.

Secret agents do not have morals because they dump the very notion when they take an oath of allegiance to the State Security. Sasho has always been working for money. And the totalitarian secret service has been helping him to climb the career ladder. First, his concerted appointment to the “Most Developed Capitalist Countries” department of the BZNS (Bulgarian Agrarian National Union) and later his membership in the Agrarian Union which played the role of a crutch for the Bulgarian Communist Party and was infested with the State Security agents.

The mafia structure which Sasho covers includes Bozhkov and Tsvetan Vassilev. The link between the thieves hiding out in Dubai and Belgrade transpires not only from the joint photos of the Bulgarian Madoff and the gambling tsar. It is evident from the fact that their common friend is the international fraudster Barak Alon who syphoned off two banks in Central Europe. Once Alon was an advisor for Tsvetan Vassilev in the European Commission.

This fact transpired from the card of the Atlantic Council. $5m was the price of friendship between former US senator Bill Richardson and fugitive banker Tsvetan Vassilev. The money was syphoned off from CorpBank. It has been paid for four years to the Atlantic Council of which Richardson is a member. There is no wonder that the former governor blows the Magnitski balloon with the lies generated by the Bulgarian Madoff.

Now it became clear that Bozhkov boarded fraudster Alon on his private Bombardier aircraft and took him to a sea trip on board his deluxe yacht Sea Falcon. In a posh villa called Edelweiss in the French ski resort of Courchevel Florian Skala, CEO of bTV kept them company. The TV station now has a household name Bozhkov (bTV) to seal the ties with the mainstream of Prokopiev.

Today it is not only double-dealing, zealous attempts to sweep under the carpet the past and disillusionment are characteristic of the secret agents like Sasho. Once he used to swear before the State Security that he “agrees to cooperate for ideological, ethical and political reasons because he was raised in this spirit.” In his personal file there are commendations of his recruiter senior lieutenant Hristo Hristov. Something like a diploma for an excellent performance appraisal of a secret agent’s allegiance to the regime. Once Saho was spying on NATO, the US and the UK and was one of the most valuable agents of the First Main Directorate of the State Security. He was even protected by the Directorate’s top secret electronic system Vega, as show the documents declassified by the Commissions for Dossiers of which Telegraph Media obtained a copy. Together with his colleague, agent Academician, they spied on the citizens of the UK.

Today, Sasho poses as a pro-Western, Russophobe and a great expert in power engineering. He even tried to pretend to be a dissident who fought against the regime before 10 November 1989. What cheek and mimicry so typical of the failed State Security agents and their shattered illusions. Probably Sasho is doing it out of malice and envy, because of his shady past but also for money. And it doesn’t matter where the money comes from – Dubai or Belgrade.

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