Exasperation grows as new lockdowns enter into force in Europe

Isolatioin fatigue across the continent puts many measures under threat

Anger and exasperation over new coronavirus curbs grew on Sunday as European nations wound back the clocks to the spring with fresh lockdowns and restrictions aimed at halting galloping infections and deaths, news wires reported.

Protesters in several Spanish cities clashed with security forces for a second night running Saturday. Spain has imposed a nationwide nighttime curfew and almost all of regions have implemented regional border closures to prevent long-distance travel. Italy was also the scene of protests last week.

But the government there is still expected to announce new restrictions on Monday, according to news reports. These are expected to include banning travel between regions, closing shopping centres at the weekend, limiting commercial activity and imposing an earlier nighttime curfew.

England prepared for fresh stay-at-home orders, following in the steps of Austria, France and Ireland.

To curb the spike in Germany, Chancellor Angela Merkel has ordered a round of shutdowns from Monday until the end of the month. Germans will not be confined to their homes, but bars, cafes and restaurants must close, as well as theatres, operas and cinemas. The sadness was palpable at the renown Bavarian State Opera House in Munich. It is "a slap", baritone Michael Nagy said, unable to hide his tears.

Tighter lockdown rules were also set to kick in Monday for Belgium, which has the most Covid-19 cases per capita in the world. Portugal, too, has ordered a partial lockdown starting on Wednesday.

In France, PM Jean Castex said supermarkets would be barred from selling "non-essential" items from Tuesday to protect small shopkeepers who have been forced to close.

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