New iPhone SE comes with surprisingly low price

Starting at $399, the second generation iPhone SE is a great budget alternative to company's higher end models

In the midst of the pandemic, Apple has unveiled a brand new smartphone, a new entry-level iPhone SE with pricing that should tempt anyone considering a budget-friendly Android phone from China. 

Companies like Samsung and OnePlus have recently launched pricey flagships that are very, very good, but also very, very expensive. That’s a tough sell anytime, but especially during a pandemic. And even though smartphone is still a necessity, buyers now have another option - the outstandingly affordable iPhone SE. With an aluminium design and a home button that doubles as a fingerprint reader, you could mistake it for the older iPhone 8 at first glance.

But Apple has completely updated the hardware on the inside, adding the same A13 Bionic processor that delivers faster speeds on the iPhone 11, alongside a better camera and IP67 waterproofing.

While the new iPhone SE was originally expected to launch around now, market analysts were uncertain what impact coronavirus would have on Apple's supply chain. Some analysts doubted whether Chinese producers such as Foxconn would be able to produce new iPhone models in sufficiently large quantities under the given circumstances. However, the companies now say they have been able to produce enough devices to cope with large demand.

Perhaps the most noticeable feature of the new iPhone SE is its price, which is unusually aggressive for a luxury brand like Apple. The new phone is undercutting Apple's own iPhone 8 with low pricing of $399in the US €479 in Europe with 64 GB memory. Hell, Apple even did the right thing with storage: offering a humane 64GB at the base level and making the 128GB model only $50 more.

Unlike on the newest iPhones, the SE won't let you unlock the device with Apple's FaceID, and you'll still have to put your fingerprint on the sensor to unlock with TouchID.

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