New hackers’ attack on Monitor News Agency with threats and attempted extortion

A new hackers’ attack crashed Monitor website for several hours this morning. It is another one in a series of powerful hits, which have begun on Thursday night, when our online version fell victim to an unscrupulous attack on freedom of speech, accompanied by threats, bloody messages and photos of the banker Emil Kyulev, who was brutally shot dead in 2005 (see here).

The M.O. of the new stroke is identical with the last one, which shows one thing only - both the perpetrators and their chief are the same people. The only difference is that this time the threats are accompanied by an attempted extortion in the form of a "fee for gaining a peace of mind ", which only removes further the guise of the chief executor.

However, our team is adamant that it will not allow racketeers and their mercenaries to prevent it from continuing to tell the truth to you - our readers. Moreover, to expose the dirty linen in public of the "heroes of transition to democracy", who apparently still think we live in a time when bats and racketeering, not the law, dictate the rules.

The hackers’ attacks only confirm that we are doing our job well - to reveal the facts about the shady affairs and manipulations which plunder all of us - Bulgarian citizens. And we will continue to do it, despite of the attempts to shut our mouths.

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