Never seen before Hemingway story to be published for first time

"A Room on the Garden Side" contains all the trademark elements readers love in Hemingway

Ernest Hemingway

A World War II story by Ernest Hemingway, written in 1956, is being published for the first time this week in the summer edition of the Strand Magazine - a literary quarterly that has released obscure works by Raymond Chandler, John Steinbeck and others. 

"A Room on the Garden Side" draws upon Hemingway's experiences as a correspondent and combatant during World War II and all its themes and trappings are familiar for an Ernest Hemingway narrative: Paris, wartime, talk of books and wine and the scars of battle.

“Hemingway’s deep love for his favorite city as it is just emerging from Nazi occupation is on full display, as are the hallmarks of his prose,” Strand Managing Editor Andrew F. Gulli wrote in an editorial note.

Taking place in the Ritz hotel in Paris in 1944, right after the city was liberated from Nazi control, "A Room on the Garden Side" is narrated by a Hemingway stand-in called Robert who shares the author's own nickname - Papa. Robert and his entourage drink wine, quote from Baudelaire and debate "the dirty trade of war", implicitly wondering whether the heritage of Parisian culture can recover from the dark taint of fascism.

“I did it to save the lives of people who had not hired out to fight,” the narrator explains. “There was that and the fact that I had learned to know and love an infantry division and wished to serve it in any useful way I could... I also loved France and Spain next to my own country. I loved other countries too but the debt was paid and I thought that the account was closed, not knowing the accounts are never closed.” 

The famous American novelist is known to have left numerous works unpublished at the time of his suicide in Idaho at age 61 in 1961. Other works that came out after his death include "A Moveable Feast," his celebrated memoir on Paris in the 1920s, as well as "The Garden of Eden" and "Islands in the Stream, and "The Dangerous Summer," a nonfiction account of bullfighting.

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