Music amidst the ruins

The violinist Zornitsa Ilarionova, who recently won the Grand Prix of the Ohrid Te Sakam International Competition for Young Singers, and the talented cellist Atanas Krastev have recorded together a Christmas present for the lovers of classical music. Their latest video premiere, with music by the German Baroque composer George Frideric Handel - Passacaglia, can now be watched online.

The video is available in 4K Full HD quality on YouTube at:

In an amazing combination of beauty and virtuosity, love and inspiration, ruin and misery, the musicians remind us that all the joys and all the sorrows… everything is fleeting. Beauty withers, youth goes away, after the rain comes the sun, after the sun - clouds again… The only things that can never be defeated, in any way, and which will live to the very end, even amidst the ruins of this world - these are art and love. Art being the last consolation of people in trouble. Through their art, Zornitsa and Atanas want to bring high spirits and the hope that things will be fine again.

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